Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am Just so thankful!!

I am thankful for this month. What a great month to do it too. I think this is what has gotten me through.
I was thinking of what i could do another month down the road a post something every day. I was thinking August (after i graduate) i could do a month of creative crafts. That would be sweet. I will be thinking of something i need to improve on. This is the best way to improve on that. Force yourself to evaluate daily. I think i have been able to see the beauty around me and embrace the little blessings along the way.
I am grateful for my mom. She called today and we talked for a good hour. She is the best listener and gives the best advice. I love her so much. I wonder what i will be like as a mom and if you will even be able to hold a candle to my mom's radiant light. She is just wonderful. I remember growing up and thinking i would do things all different then what she "made" us do but now i just wonder if i will ever be half as wonderful as she is.
I am so excited to be a teacher i know if i can just graduate i can get through anything. Although nothing stresses me out more than to think about getting a job and being in charge of a whole class, Nothing makes me happier then working with little kids. In 2 weeks it will be Summer semester and i will work with preschool and kindergartners all day long. what a great opportunity BYUI gives us to have so many hands on experiences.
I needed a smile today. These pictures just make me smile so much. So go ahead and smile.

Monday, March 30, 2009


I am grateful for my grandma hands. I have always been self concious of my boney skinny wrinkly hands that friends refer to as "grandma hands" but i am grateful for all the things i can do with my hands.
I was getting my fingerprints done at the police station. They had to keep redoing them and redoing them becuase i have extremely fine lines on my fingertips. Also they are always wrinkly so they made these weird lines on the machine. The policeman said that if i ever committed a crime it would be very difficult for them to trace it back to me. So all day i have just been looking at my hands. But then i realized what great blessing it is to have talented hands.
They may not be able to play and intrument or throw a curve ball but my hands can knit, sew, write, clap, and move all around. What a simple thing to be grateful for but i am glad that i am physically fit and strong and mobile!!

Last of the "thankfuls"

I can't believe a whole month of posts has gone by. I am just so happy with my progress this month.
I was very thankful yesterday for the power of the Priesthood. My friend Kristen's baby Kaylee was blessed and it was just wonderful. Someday i will watch my Husband to that to our little ones. It just amazes me that a power can be strong enough to make worlds but gentle enough to bless new born babies.
Growing up and having my dad worthy to give us blessings was always the most comforting thing. Knowing my Husband can do the same is just as comforting.
I am grateful for the strength i recieve from preisthood power and how it has blessed my life!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby Showers and Enrichment

I am SO thankful for my enrichment committee and the relief society presidency!!!! We had the BEST super Saturday activity. We always have a hard time getting sisters to come but this was a great turn out. We hired a girl named Jessica to help us make Vinyl tiles. She has a vinyl business. Check it out here!! she also has a store on etsy.com Here!! She creates all the designs and weeding herself. This is what i made!! a mosaic letter!! i love it!!

We also had a girl who is an accounting major teach a budgeting lesson and a sister in our ward taught about the family proclamation to the world.

We also served lunch. Pasta. We invited the Elder's Quorum and it seemed everyone enjoyed it. I was very impressed with myself because i fed 40 people with only $25!! i bought 8 pounds of noodles, 64 ounces of sauce and 8 loaves of french bread. It was the perfect amount!! we had just a little left over.

It was a great activity. I am glad it is over though. It was stressful to make sure everything fell into place. I even had a nightmare last night that everything went wrong. So maybe it will be a while until we do another SUPER activity. But it went great!

I also have this new love for baby showers! my friends are popping out babies like crazy. I about a month ago i knew 11 people prego and now its more like 7. But i made a diaper cake for a girl in my ward. It turned out so cute. About 5 other sisters in the ward chipped in for it so it was really fun to put together.

I also learned how to make these little binky clips. My friend bought her daughters for like 7 dollars and i was like i bet i could make that. So then i bought some suspender clips and 15 inches of ribbon and made Kaylee one for $1.50. So i made one for Hilary's little boy too and attached it to the cake! so take a look. Yay for new crafts!!

Our Jetta

I am thankful for our fabulous car. We always joke that if it weren't for the fancy car i would have never married travis. That's not true but i do love our car. It will be great to drive a little family around in someday. I am glad its new and reliable and gets us were we need to go. I am also thankful travis trusts me to drive it around even though he doesn't let me drive him around. Sometimes its a little hard only having one car but i am glad its one really really good car!!
My dream car is a jeep cherokee like this one. Someday i will drive this when i am a mom!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am thankful,,, now this might be a little silly but... i am actually grateful for the lousy bad boyfriends i have had in the past.
I can look back now and wonder what was i thinking but at the same time with each relationship i learned so much. And if it weren't for those bad relationships i would appreciate and see all the wonderful qualities my husband Travis has. He is so great to me. So even though i was cheated on, materialized, ignored and put down i at least knew better than to marry someone that would make me cry. Each heartbreak break up i can remember thinking that life was over and that i had nothing else to live for and i was going to be lonely and hopeless forever yet i am none of those things. In fact i am the best ever because Travis truly completes me. I also know now what my future daughter and friends may go through and be able to help them. So thanks for the tears they made me so much stronger.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Z pack

i am grateful for my antibiotic the "Z pack!" it is making mer feel so much better. I am grateful for the health center actually being helpful this time. Although i did have to remind her that i am allergic to Amoxicillin when she prescribed it. silly girl! Yay for meds to help me feel better.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today i am sick

Dear Germs that won't leave me alone,
Why do you torment my hallway home like you have no where else to go!! please leave and give your "gift" to someone else. You gave it to Travis already. Why me? I have to teach tomorrow you know and i don't need to spread you to everyone else. Are you just trying to make me ungrateful? cuz its not going to work!! i am very grateful still even though you have attempted to steal my happiness!!
Not Your Friend,

Dear Bed,
I love you. You are comfy and wonderful. I am glad i got my needed rest. I love how wonderful your blankets are too so warm and soft. You are the best and i am Grateful for you!!
Love your biggest fan
Courtney Mattoon

Dear Enrichment committee,
Thank you for getting things done for Saturday since i am sick and can't do it myself. You are lifesavers and i am thankful the Lord chose you for my committee!
Your sickly but fearless leader

Thank you for being better so you can take care of me in return. Enjoy playing basketball tonight you deserve it!
love you wifey
ps i know you weren't faking since you haven't played basketball in almost a week!!

Grateful for Internet!!

yesterday the internet was down all day!! i had no idea how much i couldn't do without it!! i kept saying oh i'll just check this assignment or look up the number for this place or what have you and then remembered i couldn't. Funny how technology really changes things. I am glad i live now when we have such luxuries!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I am grateful for my testimony

I don't really share much about my religious beliefs on this blog very much but it is something i am truly thankful for. So i am going to share my testimony. If you are interested in learning more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints check out the church's website at Mormon.org or feel free to talk to me.

I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I know he died to save the world from sin. He has experienced every pain we will ever go through so that he can always know how we feel. He lived his life to serve and help others. He is such an example to me and i know that the closer we are to him and the more we are like him we will be blessed.
I love my Heavenly Father. He knows me and blesses me as well as everyone else. I want him to be so proud of me just like my own father. I know that someday we can live with them again.
I know the relief society organization is inspired of God for our benefit and i am so grateful for the service i have been able to give and receive because of it.
I have personally felt the power of prayer and blessing by the laying on of hands. I know that if we pray we will be heard and that even if we don't get the answer we wanted or expected we will receive an answer that is for our good.
I know that God and Jesus Christ want us to be happy and that they won't give us any trial that we can't handle and that someday we will look back and be grateful that we have grown.
I love the priesthood power and am grateful for how it has blessed my family.
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

through sickness and health

I am grateful for being HEALTHY!! yay i am fit and strong.
Travis got sick last night and called in sick for work, then again this morning. He didn't get much sleep so has just been resting most of the day.
I went to american family video and got him a few edited movies like Die hard 2: Die Harder and Burn After Reading.
I fed him some medicine and have been feeding him stuff to boost his immune system.
Its too bad that he is sick it is a beautiful day. I took a walk just to enjoy it. its only in the high 50's but i didn't even wear a coat it was so enjoyable. Funny what below freezing weather will do to you!
PS thanks for all the comments on my last post. I didn't mean it to be a pitty party post but it did really help to cheer me up!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Courtney and the terrible horrible no good very bad day

I know how Alexander feels, I want to move to Australia...

Some of you may have noticed but this semester i have been major depressed and i hate it. UGH i just can't seem to catch a break. But this blog of all that i am grateful for has helped SO much. As i was bawling my eyes out in disappear of yet another failed report in Assessments i was think this is the saddest most depressed i have ever been. This was my breaking point. But then i was actually able to be thankful.
I am grateful that all these bad days are coming after 21 years of life. I honestly mean that.
These past 2 months have easily been the worst but it has made me so grateful for my wonderful stress free childhood. Assessments is horrible and it makes me feel like i am not smart enough, good enough, and that giving my all isn't and will never be enough. It has made me doubt being a teacher after that is what i have wanted for most of my life. But at least it took 21 years to make me feel this way. It took 21 years for me to want to give up completely. The biggest trial in my life took 21 years to happen. So that is saying alot about my lucky life thus far. So i did find something to be thankful for.

on a better note: I did have a chocolate chip cookie dough, heath in chocolate icecream Blizzard today. Travis got it for me to cheer me up, he is great.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yes i am actually grateful for the silly March Madness tournament. Why? Because it has gotten my wonderful husband home from work. He took a day off and we stayed home and watched. I have no idea what game or if was good or not because i don't really understand the game but boy is amusing to see my husband get so wild up about a game that means absolutely nothing in the real world. Anyone else have sports loving hubbys?!?! we should get together and have a craft night or go see a chick flick!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3 weeks left

I am grateful that there is only 3 weeks and 2 days left of school this semester. If i can live through the next 3 weeks i can do anything. I have taken 18-21 credits for the past 3 years but nothing compares to the stress i have felt in these last 15 credits. My French teacher always showed us this little mouse at midterms so we would never give up!! she woud say FINIS FORTE: finsh strong! i am going strong but boy and i grateful it is ALMOST over!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bulletin Board

The school has this site that is a lot like Craigslist and i am grateful for it.
I sold our old GPS system and I sold our old DVD rack.
I also have my Diaper Cake business on there and have sold 5. And one for this weekend.

I bought this sweet lamp that looks like the Eiffel Tower.
It is just great. I love to look at it all the time.
Does anyone else search it aimlessly like a bad habit or use Craigslist Religiously or am i all alone in my obsession!?!?!
Bulletin Board

Monday, March 16, 2009


I am grateful for the Teachers i have had and how they have inspired me to become a teacher.

My kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Erickson. I have wanted to be a teacher ever since. I remember my mom taught me how to read really early so i always helped others and felt really smart

My second grade teacher came to my baptism even though she wasn't of our faith. I loved that she shared such a special day with me.

My Third grade teacher Mrs Piercy had cool hair and wore fun clothes. She made everything so entertaining. I have always wanted to be a fun teacher like her

I loved my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Rochon so much. She really took the time to befriend her students and make sure they understood everything. I loved her so much i had her in fifth grade too!!

In 8th grade i had a teacher named Mr Pickering. this teacher everyone talked bad about and said he was horrible. but i took him anyways and Loved him. It taught me not to judge a teacher by rumors.

In 10, 11 and 12th grade (high school) my favorite teacher was Mr Fenner. He was my favorite. He taught so much but it was so fun and entertaining. He knew how to really enjoy teaching and live his life to the fullest. I made him a quilt for graduation that said "i survived 3 years with Courtney, and all i got was this lousy blanket." it was awesome.

In college i have loved Sister Anderson and Sister Cramner. Both of them are so successful and have done so much to help their students. They have worked to make the lives of those who they teach better and better.
Even though i hate Assessments i sure do admire Brother Cloward. He is teaching me (slowly but surely) that there is more in school than getting A's. Maybe it is better to become the best professionals we can be.

I am so glad i have had good teachers in my life. I hope that i can be a good teacher and be examples and role models to my future students.
I heard a quote today that said "do something you love, and you will never work a day in your life." i remember asking my dad if he had fun at work and he would always say "work is work, if it was fun they wouldn't call it work" i sure hope that i love my class enough to say it is fun. I know it won't be easy but oh it will always be rewarding!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Travis' mission and his conversion

I am thankful that Travis moved to Lake Stevens, met Jake DeArton, took the missionary discussions and was Baptized. I am grateful he went on his mission to Arizona and that he learned so much about the gospel and helped others find the joy in their lives. It has blessed our home so much for him to have the priesthood. Even though he is a few years behind in school, we will always be blessed for his service. I am grateful for our Temple marriage and the chance we have to be together forever.
I am also grateful i was raised in the church, that my father held the priesthood and that we were sealed as an eternal family.

The blog from yesterday

Man i didn't mean to forget yesterday. I knew all day what i was thankful for.
I am grateful for my Freaking Best Friend Opal. Whether she reads this or not she deserves an entire post.
Opal and i have been best friends since my freshman year of high school. (going on 7 years) We are complete opposites in somethings but we complete each other. A lot of people are surprised when they meet opal or vis versa, because we aren't what others would expect to be best friends. But that doesn't stop us from being so incredibly close
When i look back on my life, how i grew to be the person i am right now, Opal was there for all the major events. she's known every boyfriend, cried with me through countless heart breaks, when the world was crashing down she did her best to hold it up, and she was there to celebrate with me when i won queen and when i went through the temple to marry the man of my dreams. We were roommates that did everything together and she is the first one i want to tell when something goes wrong or right. She gives the best hugs and the best advice.
My 19th birthday was the most depressing and horrible day ever and so for my 20th Opal gave me an entire birthday Week!! and when i was in Virginia missing her so so much we came home just in time for her 23rd!!
Everyone should have a best friend like opal. Who can tell you your an idiot and a princess all at the same time. I love Opal and i owe her the world. I am so glad she has found someone to make her happy. She came over last night and she was the happiest i have seen her ever, because she found DAN. Yay.

and Opal is also VERY talented. she painted this picture for me!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

crafty talents and such

I am so GLAD i have creative friends and talented friends.

Here is a shout out to my friends who can do stuff i appreciate

First my Mother is the most talented person i know. On top of being super mom she is also the biggest bargain shopper, she is a great cook and she can make almost anything. Our whole house is covered in quilts and homemade things. She definitely taught me a thing or two.

Next my Cousin Ana. i miss her SO much because when she was here we were so crafty together. I have this star in my house and it is my favorite decoration... ALL HER. we used to have these huge craft nights together. Also she can cut hair and be a super mom

Mccall and i also had craft nights. I loved that. Her house was always so cute because she is great at decorating. she is the most determined hard worker in schoolwork too!!

My aunt shari is the DigiScrap queen!! i love her work this is her latest pic. My cousin (in law) is going to have her baby boy benton any day now!!

Nicole oaks makes the coolest crafts. I am always like where did you get that and she's like "i made it" we share our ideas with each other

Sam makes the coolest bows for her daughter lexi. They are so cute!!

My friend Ashley has this talent of finding the most inspirational quotes. She is always uplifting people with them

My friend Cham got me started in making Diaper cakes. She too makes the cutest things for her daughter.

Trish is so thoughtful. She offered up a shopping buddy trip for our auction. i didn't win but i was jealous. i love that she is such a good friend that is her talent for sure

How could i forget my friend Kelsie. She is INCREDIBLE. she did the flowers at my wedding, she can cook, paint, make dresses out of leaves and news paper. You have to look at her portfolio.... click HERE

All of us crafty talented people need to be recognized. I am VERY grateful for all of you!!

I am grateful for.... (yesterday our internet was down)

34 Degree weather??? am i serious i am grateful for just above freezing. YES. yesterday me and trav took a drive with the sunroof open and the windows down. It felt like the warmest sunniest day compared to what we have been experiencing!!

Relief Society. Yesterday we had a service auction and it was a lot of fun with a great turn out. We all swapped and bidded on services that we all donated. I brought Quilting Lessons and left with one free cleaning of my Apartment.

Clothes. Yesterday i felt like i looked especially cute in my clothes. Don't you just love days like that?

Spring. If it is spring then it is almost summer and if it is almost summer it is almost swim suit season!! kill me for looking at J.Crews New line of swim wear. (they have THE BEST ever one pieces you will ever find) and i found two i want SO bad. Last year i bought one "accidentally" online and told travis it was on its way... sometimes it is easier to ask for forgivness then permission...
so feast your eyes on these beauties! they come with a attachable halter staps and come in 5 fabulous colors!!

and Last i am Thankful for Blogging
Journals are impossible, scrappbooks are expensive, Blogs are PERFECT for me! yay

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Oh man am i grateful for SLEEP. i don't get much of it because the semester is SO busy but love it. I hate being tired and i hate that feeling when you are falling asleep but not in your bed so you do the head bob... I am grateful for my comfy bed and my warm blankets. Nothing is better then a mid day nap. Its funny when i was little i hated naps and now i try and plan them into my day. My friend carmen wanted me to work out with her at 6 am. I told her working out is my Least favorite thing to to do and Sleeping is my favorite thing to do. So i will never trade my favorite thing with my least favorite thing. ha ha My poor husband has to deal with all my moving, drooling and talking while i sleep. And to top it all off i am the hardest deepest sleeper so i don't know about it at all. Speaking of sleep. i think i am going to hit the sack. NIGHT

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am thankful for babies. Not my own but other peoples babies. Ha ha. I just love my friend Kristen's baby Kaylee. She is the most precious little thing.
A couple of my friends have babies and that is fun. For now i will just play with their babes until someday i have some of my own. I actually baby sit for 2 families here in Rexburg and it is just a ton of fun watching them grow. And then i can give them back when i am done and sleep through the night :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

I am thankful for my family!!

I love my siblings and my parents so much. I love travis so much and its so fun to be married and start our own little family. I am grateful for all my family members and all they've done for me.

This is the picture of travis' side of the family. They are the greatest i could ever ask for. This summer we are going to get a family picture its going to be great to see them again.

This is my parents at graduation. a typical picture of my father, he's not much of a smiler. I have a million reasons to be so thankful for my parents. I wouldn't be the person i am today without their loving influence. The longer i am with travis the more i realize he is like my dad, Such a hard worker, honors his priesthood and doing all that he can for family.
I can only hope i am like my mom. She is so selfless, crafty and beautiful.

Cha-low is a great sister. She let me share a bed with her on her off track. She is so friendly and always checks in on me and how i am doing.

Chase is so cute. I don't ever think he will grow up to me. He will always be my little bro.

Budman is so great. I can't believe he is a foot taller than me. we have really gotten a lot closer the last little while. Clara is my absolutely gorgeous sister. She wants to live with us in the fall which will be so fun. We too have gotten a lot closer now that i don't share a room with her. ha ha isn't it great when you grow up and all get along.

This is my niece and nephew. I am going to have a new niece or nephew this summer too! yay. I can't wait for these two to have some cousins!

I just can't even say how much i love my family. I am so grateful for them!

Oh and i just saved a TON on our car insurance by.... staying with state farm!! yay

Sunday, March 8, 2009

i always love sundays

I am so grateful on Sundays just because it is such a relaxing day that usually doesn't go wrong. Today was a little weird because we forgot the time change and forgot it was stake conference. so we missed church and were confused on the time all day but i am glad it is lighter at night now. We usually get out of church at 4:30 just as it is starting to get dark and today it was light. yay
I am grateful for day light savings.
Such a little thing yet it brings so much happiness to my day.
i made lasagna for the first time... here it is before it was cooked.i am wearing the new apron my grandma made me. I love it! The lasagna turned out great It was pretty delicious. Scott and Janel came over for dinner it was great

always grateful for sundays

I am so grateful on Sundays just because it is such a relaxing day that usually doesn't go wrong. Today was a little weird because we forgot the time change and forgot it was stake conference. so we missed church and were confused on the time all day but i am glad it is lighter at night now. We usually get out of church at 4:30 just as it is starting to get dark and today it was light. yay
I am grateful for day light savings.
Such a little thing yet it brings so much happiness to my day.
i made lasagna for the first time...  It was pretty delicious. Scott and Janel came over for dinner it was great

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I am thankful for the weekend. Today it was a sunny day. I got to sleep in. I did a little homework. Walked around my favorite crafts store. Went to a flea market. Hung out with some friends and watched some movies and the BIG game.

What a day.
I even sacrificed to watch the Washington state Vs UW game. Travis loves the cougs. They lost but it was still quite a game.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thankful for jobs

I am grateful for my job at the advising center!! it is such a great job and i love it. I get paid to have fun and help people. Its great. It really helps get us through while me and trav are both going to school. I am also thankful for travis and his job at Lexington. Even though he hates talking on the phone he does it to support us. He has to work nights to fit it in and so i am grateful for his sacrifice.
Since i am so close to graduation i keep thinking of when i will be a teacher and how much i will love my job then. Since i am getting my degree in Special education i should always be able to find a job. I can't wait to work full time so travis can just go to school and not have to work nights. It will nice not to worry financially and be able to start a family too. But until then i am grateful we both have jobs.

This is a picture of one of the Inside jokes we have in the office. The computer screens are always pulled forward when they are cleaned but we thought one of the advisors was just blind.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I am thankful for being fed. I love food and am particularly grateful that i am full and healthy. My friend Heather was talking about all the traditions we have around food. Its true i rarely do something with her with our eating or trying something. i have been trying to improve my cooking abilities (if my sister lives with us this fall i need to be able to keep her fed too!) Last week i made Tater Tot Casserole and this weekend i am going to make Lasagna. I don't normally cook for people because i am not very good at it but it is a skill i hope to improve. My mom and Grandma are amazing cooks so i should try to keep that going. otherwise my kids will go to Grandmas and never want to come back.

This is one of the first meals i made at college. It was disgusting. I ruined the spaghetti and it was just all clumped together and dry. I am happy to say i have come along way!!

Today i drove my friend Heather to the store to get her friend Leah a birthday present. She doesn't have a car and i do so i try to serve her by giving her rides because i know how it sucks not to have transportation. I think that is an easy way to be compassionate. Share your resources. If you have something someone else doesn't that is a very easy way to serve.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today i am grateful for the ability to Smile. I was walking to class today and passed this girl with the BIGGEST smile on her face. At first i thought "why is this girl so happy? something must be going really great!" but then i thought maybe not. Maybe she is just smiling because she can. So it made me smile and i thought how much better people look when they smile.

Since i was little it hasn't taken much to get me to smile in front of a camera. this picture is from high school and i have always loved it ever since one of my friends told me that it was the biggest smile he had ever seen and that my smile is almost too big for my face. ha ha
I am grateful for my smile, my nice straight teeth my parents paid for and my skinny lips i inherited from my mother.
I started looking at everyone's smile throughout the day and thinking of the people i know with the bestest best smiles. Travis has the cutest dimples when he smiles and they are my kryptonite. My friend Ashley has the cutest smile that is ever so cheery, My cousin brittney smiles like a model queen, My friend Nicole has this peaceful smile that means everything is going to be okay. My mom has this smile that means she loves me more than anything, My friend Abe has the most adorable smile. as do basically any little kid! My aunt tappy smile shines through even the worst of times, My cousin Anna's smile makes me smile and reminds me of a million different memories. Pretty much anytime any one smiles at me i feel the urge to smile back. That is the great thing about smiles they really are contagious. So smile more so you can get smile wrinkles so even when your not smiling you look like you are. ha ha

(ps this is totally my 101 post!! i have really been blogging that long!! hoorray best journal i have ever kept)

Today i had a great lesson in New testament about when Christ raises Lazarus from the dead. Mary is weeping and so Jesus weeps with her. Jesus knew that He would raise his friend from death but before he did he showed compassion for mary and cried with her. I learned a powerful lesson from this. I am the queen of telling people "its going to be alright" but maybe, just maybe, my words do not help them as much as if i really had compassion and tried to understand how they were feeling. What a great example that Jesus. The more i learn about him and the things He has done for me and all of us, i am just amazed.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 3

I am thankful for BYU-Idaho. I can't believe i am so close to being done. I only have 3 classes left. I just got my placement for student teaching (rexburg) and i will get my assignment soon. Since i took some classes in high school i am graduating a year early. Its so exciting that after wanting to be a teacher since i was little i am finally going to have my own classroom.

i took these pictures for my families christmas card my first semester i was here.

I love learning spiritually as well as temporally. I love the spirit i feel on campus and how we start class with prayer. It just reminds me everyday about the real reason we are alive. I love the honor code too. It sounds silly but it really changes the atmosphere when we all dress nice and live the gospel.

I am grateful the tithe payers of the world who lower our tuition and sign my paycheck. I remember my sophomore year my book of mormon teacher told us that there is some little old lady sweeping her dirt floor down in south america who gave all she had to tithing and that tithing helps pay my tuition. This lady will never get to go to school here, she will never get to send her children here or even be able to travel to see our beautiful campus. I have never forgotten that because its so easy to take our blessings for granted.

I love working at the school too. I feel like it is a great way to serve others while making a little extra money. I have helped a lot of people find things in their transcripts that have saved them a whole semester. Also i love talking to people about what they want to do "when they grow up" and how to get them there. I am ready to have my own class but i will miss working in the Advising office when that time comes

Monday, March 2, 2009

Natures beauty

Today i was so grateful for nature. Rexburg idaho is not half as wonderful as Seattle but there is a certain beauty in the teton mountains and the melting snow when its finally showing signs of spring. I also woke up to see my beautiful yellow bouquet my mom sent all bloomed and alive. It made my day.

Today i noticed there was so much garbage in our parking lot. so i went around to pick up some of the soggy trash that has been there walked over time and time again. Then i noticed all the trash just around the trash can. So i tried to make a dent on that. It just blows me away that people can't even throw away there trash in the bin after walking it all the way to the dumpster. of course since it has snowed a lot of it was buried in layers of ice so i did my best. But it definitely taught me a lesson that next time i throw something away i am going to make sure i do my part so that it doesn't become someone else's responsibility. I realized lately that i am so much more patient and willing to help our mangers since i have became there friends. I wonder if we all saw people that served us as our friends how much more willing we'd be to do our part and be nice about it. Just something to think about!! Have a great night!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Last time

I just signed up for my LAST SEMESTER at BYU-Idaho. WOW that was so exciting. this specific enrollment of registration was very important because there is only 4 spots in the Kindergarten Lab i needed. But i clicked at 12:01 and got in. Next semester i am taking Preschool and Kindergarten and Strategies and Home decor so it should be an awesome semester!!

March March March

I am going to do something that i hope will make me a more grateful and compassionate person.
Everyday for the month of March i am going to write one (or more) thing(s) that i am especially grateful that day.
Then i am also going to write one thing i did for someone else. Because we all should be a little more helpful and a little less selfish.
So if you want to try this little project feel free. We can all encourage each other and be a little better.
I hope this doesn't come off as boastful but i just want to work a little harder at seeing my blessings.
So for the 1st of march i am GRATEFUL for

my wonderful husband is the best. He makes me laugh and makes me want to be the best person ever. He helps me and encourages me to do better every day. He is so extremely patient. He puts up with my crazy side. He listens and works so hard to communicate and solve our problems. He is my best friend.

And today i made Opal my freaking best friend, and Gordon, my cousin, good old Tater Tot Casserole. It turned out perfect if i do say so myself. We played guitar hero and ate Jello and watched the boys separate the jello "skin" ha ha you know the harder part at the bottom from not stirring it up all the way. They thought that was the best part.

Hope everyone has a great MARCH yay!