Monday, October 28, 2013

Carving pumpkins

Mason was so excited when we finally went to buy pumpkins. He rolled them all over apartment. Then whe. We started carving them he didn't want anything to do with the guts! He loved opening and closing the tops though. We are having a Harry potter Halloween party so we decided to do them hp themed. Nikki came over to car e them with me since Travis wasn't into it. I think they turned out perfect!

Hp, Harry potter, a snitch and headwig!

Girl with a gun

We shot guns a couple of weekends ago. Travis got a new handgun and I shot my sigh and Wesson m&p 15-22. We love having space at the ranch to shoot our guns!



So cute in his Sunday best. Plaid pansy suit coat and a bow tie. Love little boy church clothes!

Summer chairs with friends

We got these chairs this summer ( they were mine and my siblings when we were little) and mason waited all summer to share them wih his buddies. It was night but we went out anyways and took some pictures. Basically impossible but I thought these were pretty cute 

More random mason this month

Seriously I could never take enough pictures of this crazy kiddo. I love him so much. 
He loves the windows at his school. Whenever he sees a squirrel on the playground he calls it a "baby puppy"

Part of my superman costume mason danced around in it until Travis put an end to that

Poor little guy was under the weather Friday. Which lead to Travis and I both getting the worst stomach flu! We were pretty pathetic for a couple of days!
Mason eating some homemade applesauce from Nikki. Silly boy loves to eat!

Business trip

It's totally weird but it's been somewhat of a dream of mine to go on a business trip. Well on the 15th my coworker Lindsay and I went to Wenatchee for a conference and stayed overnight. It was super weird leaving mason and t since he is always the one that leaves and I stay. But it went really well and I learned a lot on my training.  Lindsay is also a mama so we enjoyed the hot tub and sauna and went out to adult food- sushi! It was delicious and beautiful!!
We got to chat on FaceTime! So glad for modern technology. 

Travis had to bring mason Into work early (I normally bring him in when I go at 9) he was a sleepy guy

Cowboy skeleton

This year I bought mason a Halloween shirt from my friend Erin Baum. She designed it just for Mason. His name is in the ribs and he is cowboy! I love it. Perfect for this month!

WSU football- army night

The army gave us tickets to the WSU football game against Oregon state. It was freezing and they were losing horribleness so we left at half time but it was fun anyways. Mason loves football!!

We gave our extra ticket to Nikki. It's the least we could do since her husband is away at AIT for the army. I'm so lucky to have her as a friend! 

Halloween wig

Ha ha I couldn't get over how funny he looked in this Halloween wig! Hopefully he won't go through this stage in high school ha ha 

How can you say no!?

Mason is such a character. He is starting to really work us and knows he is cute. The other day we were at the grocery store and wanted cookies. Sure enough he gets his dimples and says his pleezzz and I'm over with. And we come home with a dozen cookies. 
I mean really how can you say no to this face. 

Learning in the Dino's

Masons school (daycare) is so fun. He is constantly leaning new things. He can jump and sing and say so many more words. He loves dress up, babies, books and boxes! They play outside, eat and nap. I'm so glad he has a good time there. His teachers are amazing. Since Travis works in the kitchen he has some fun eating cookies and apples there with him. I went on a business trip earlier this month for a training and so Mason got some extra time with him in the kitchen getting breakfast ready for the center. We love Community  childcare center!!

Cougar in the yard?

The back of our house leads to beautiful wheat fields. Even when cut down and harvested for the year it still looks amazing. We'll the other day we saw something run in the field. It looked just like a cougar. We watched it for about 20 minutes. But then it got closer and realized it was just a dog! Fewf. I know we are in cougar county but a real cougar in our backyard is pretty scary!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pumpkin patch!!

Today we went to the pumpkin patch at WSU organic farms and it was so much fun! I love pumpkins and was so excited to take Mason to his first pumpkin patch!

He loved finding pumpkins that were his size and picking them up!
Mason and Paisley. Trying to take pics of these two is near impossible but they are so cute together!
Mason also loved the hay bails. 
Throwing and playing in the hay stack. 

And playing with the pumpkins too heavy to lift. 

I was excited he sat down and smiled for me in these ones!
My dream to have my son love pumpkins!!

Travis even let us get a few family pics!

What a great Saturday!!

Third 101 goals for the next 1001 list

New 101 list
My third 101 list! So excited for this one. 
Start date October 5th 2013
Finished on July 2nd 2016
Not in any particular order. 
Goal 75/101

1. Teach mason to ride the strider bike

2. Ride a horse

3. Start a personal history

4. Scrapbook my high school photos

5. Print my blog

6. Make a quilt for Mason's bed

7. Support Travis in all of his military endeavors

8. Be friends with someone I wouldn't  normally be friends with

9. Mark at least one verse in every section of the Doctrine and Covenants

10.  Continue to fill up my scripture journal

11. Make $50 selling my crafts

12. Teach Mason his colors, shapes and letters of his name

13. Create a list of top 5 books that changed my life. 

14. Learn a song on the guitar

15. Refurnish and sell a piece of furniture.
16. Finish everything on the list we made to do before Travis leaves 

17. Host the Harry Potter party that has been years in the making. 

18. Throw a surprise party for someone who has never had a surprise party. 

19. Run a 5k in 30 minutes

20. Follow a crochet pattern

21. Be able to do "Sally's"

22. Try a month of fashion blogging

23. Buy a book of stamps to only use on sending cards to brighten someone's day

24. Fill up a mason jar full of "warm fuzzies"

25. Freshen up on my Fran├žais
26. Teach someone something new

27. Go out of my way to do something for someone once a month. 

28. Invite someone new to dinner once a month while Travis is gone. 

29. Be the happiest and most optimistic person I know. 

30. Finish Mason's baby book. 

31. Add 50 pins to my pin-did board

32. Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it

33. Make a months worth of freezer meals. 

34. Create a menu system that works for us. 

35. Make a pallet project

36. Make a quiet book for Mason

37. Redo the trailer

38. Go backpacking in the winter

39. Make a Jared box

40. Make a giving plate. 

41. Pick up the tab when eating out with friends.

42. Finish my started projects before any new projects

43. Potty train mason in 2014

44. Be really really good at my job

45. Start making serious house planning decisions. 

46. Travel to Utah to visit everyone we miss. 

47. Inspire someone else to write a 101 goal list

48. Buy from a local artist

49. Buy something to help a suffer's cancer fund

50. Try 6 new sushi rolls

51. Touch/hold an exotic animal

52. Can with friends or mom

53. Write down 100 favorite memories

54. Try something completely new at a restaurant I have never tried 

55. Compliment a stranger everyday for a month

56. Learn how to braid my hair up the back

57. Have 5 Travis days without complaining

58. Go on 5 mommy and mason dates ( not counting when Travis is gone)

59. Be more accurate shooting my gun

60. Improve my relationships with my grandparents

61. Start a Christmas tradition. 

62. Learn to drive the truck well

63 Grow grass by the Cougar Closet sign and side"yard"

64. Help owners clear out old building materials in owners unit

65. Finish our family document binder. 

66. Start a set of Mommy Scriptures, studying with Mason in mind

67. Learn to shuffle cards. 

68. Make a movie/ slideshow of "Day in the Life of Mason"

69. Paint a piece of pottery

70. Learn 10 constellations

71. Write down 5 positive things before I go to sleep for a month

72. Buy Mason a suit for church. 

73. Mail a hug to a few of Masons favorite people. 

74. Make an "I love you because board"

75. Make an craft out of an old window

76. Find the perfect hutch for my craft storage. 

77. Take Mason to a parade

78. Attend the temple every three months

79. Keep in touch with my besties that move away 

80. Make a wreath for our door

81. Finish my king size jean quilt for our bed

82. Create 1 home video a month of mason (/33)

83. Create an awesome workout playlist

84. Create 72 hour kits+ for us and dogs

85. Send a present just because to each of my nieces and nephew

86. Send handwritten letters to each of my aunts and uncles

87. No tv for a week

88. Use a power tool for a project. 

89. Do another awesome bike ride ( like the Hiawatha)

90. Watch a sunrise

91. Catch a fish

92. Keep my nails freshly painted for one month

93. Make/buy then use reusable shopping bags 

94. Make a shadow box to help mason remember Grandpa 

95. Act like tourist and explore a city 

96. Pay off cc 

97. Pay off student loans

98. Blog a little more each year

99. Stay caught up on my craft blog

100.  Pay for the person behind me in the drive thru

101. Make another 101 list when this one is over. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

2nd 101 list complete

I can't believe my second 101 list is done! I'm loving the progress I am making and reading over my previous lists to see how far I've come. And writing my third list!
So here's how I did:
1. Learn to drive in snow and ice
2. Make a quilt thats not jean 
3. Participate in Just because gift Challenge 
4. Make a tutorial for something I made 
5. Get certified to be a teacher 
6. Evaluate my goals monthly (COMPLETED)
7. Go on a date with Travis once a month (COMPLETED)
8. Bear my testimony in Church on Fast Sunday or Speak in Sacrament (COMPLETED)
9. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a week (COMPLETED)
10. Write Buddy on his mission every other week 
11. Find a way to stay motivated (COMPLETED)
12. Run a half marathon or do a triathlon (5k) (COMPLETED)
13. Work out 3 times a week for 3 months (training for 5k) (COMPLETED)
14. Write down 50 things I like about myself (COMPLETED)
15. Get family picture taken every year (COMPLETED)
16. Buy a CTR ring for my pinky finger (COMPLETED)
17. Mark at least one verse in every page of the Book of Mormon (COMPLETED)
18. Sell my crafts (COMPLETED)
19. Buy a necklace from Betsy Farmer ( (COMPLETED)
20. Make bread (COMPLETED)
21. Organize my craft room by putting in shelves (COMPLETED)
22. Make a new Ironing Board cover (Got one as a gift) (COMPLETED)
23. Pay off CC debt (closer)
24. Pay off Car (COMPLETED)
25. Pay off Court's Student loans (close)
26. Create a binder full of "get happy" quotes, music, pictures etc to cheer me up when I'm down (COMPLETED)
27. Be a friend to someone I don't like (COMPLETED)
28. Get pregnant (COMPLETED)
29. Don't laugh at others expense. Stick up for them (COMPLETED)
30. Help Travis graduate from the Sports Management program at WSU (COMPLETED)
31. Paint a room in my apartment 
32. Go home 4 times (7/4) (COMPLETED)
33. Start a Journal of me and Travis’ relationship (COMPLETED)
34. Earn In-State tuition at WSU (COMPLETED)
35. Help Travis get a scholarship 
36. Help Travis get an internship (COMPLETED)
37. Do something creative and cute (as a surprise) once a month for Travis (COMPLETED)
38. Make a list of characters in the scriptures and their attributes that I want to emulate 
39. Evaluate my Christ-like attributes (in PMG) every 3 months (COMPLETED)
40. Host a party every 3 months (COMPLETED)
41. Host another Murder mystery dinner party 
42. If possible breed Nala ( got her spayed instead.) (COMPLETED)
43. Make a craft once a week for 2 months and blog it 
44. Train the dogs to spin, gravel, nod and high five (COMPLETED)
45. Pick a gospel topic to study each month to build a better testimony (COMPLETED)
46. Volunteer in a hospital if possible 
47. Read the whole Conference edition ensign (COMPLETED)
48. Memorize the Temple Endowment 
49. Attend a college sporting event (COMPLETED)
50. Get an album cover and name all my songs on Itunes (COMPLETED)
51. Make a difference (COMPLETED)
52. Finish my Doctrine Journal by adding D&C notes 
53. Help Travis make a 101 goal list… maybe we’ll shoot for 10 (COMPLETED)
54. Do a photo project from (COMPLETED)
55. Learn to Crochet 
56. Identify 5 people who've made an impact on my life and tell them (COMPLETED)
57. Do my Visiting Teaching (COMPLETED)
58. Take a self portrait every day for 1 month (COMPLETED)
59. Go a week without complaining (COMPLETED)
60. Make a quiet book 
61. Don't spend a dime for a whole week (COMPLETED)
62. Go to General Conference in Utah with Travis because he’s never been 
63. Take the dogs on a walk to Moscow on the Chipman Trail 
64. Repurpose a piece of furniture (COMPLETED)
65. Blog a little more every year (more than 85 in 2011) (COMPLETED)
66. Donate blood 
67. Do something for a cancer sufferer (COMPLETED)
68. Go one weekend without using the internet (COMPLETED)
69. Answer the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind” (COMPLETED)
70. Make a blog button for my craft blog (COMPLETED)
71. Get WA plates and a WA Driver’s license (COMPLETED)
72. Take pictures in a photo booth with Travis 
73. Use the new features on my camera (COMPLETED)
74.Take a pottery class 
75. Make a playlist of music to get me up in the morning 
76. Buy something I really want and give it to someone else (COMPLETED)
77. Get a library card (COMPLETED)
78. Write a letter to a general authority 
79. Write 12 thank you cards a year for random appreciation (COMPLETED)
80. Cut vinyl with my cricut 
81. Buy a new charm for my charm bracelet to represent my puppies 
82. Go skiing
83. Label my books so I can bring them into my classroom 
84. Be able to do 50 sit ups and push ups
85. Organize photos on laptop and external hard drive (COMPLETED)
86. Floss every night for a month (COMPLETED)
87. Read a motivational book (COMPLETED)
88. Go to a midnight showing of a movie 
89. Wake up at the first alarm everyday for a month (COMPLETED)
90. Update my “person I want to become” list (COMPLETED)
91. Draw a picture for Chloe and mail it to her (COMPLETED)
92. Buy and use and address book (COMPLETED)
93. Make 20 new resources for my classroom 20/20 (COMPLETED)
94. Make a list of 100 good qualities and star the ones I have (COMPLETED)
95. Take a picture of me and Travis doing something once a month (COMPLETED)
96. Make a QVC/As seen on TV knock off
97. Document 100 things about me (COMPLETED)
98. Pay for the person behind me in a drive-thru 
99. Take a trip to celebrate graduation/anniversary (paid for our cruise in nov 2013) (COMPLETED)
100. Make a things to do with Travis list (COMPLETED)
101. Make another 101 list before this one is over (COMPLETED)

Yay!!! 74/101 completed!!!  My last list was 71/101!!! So I'm improving. The things on these lists really stretch me! I'm loving how they are a good way to look at where I've come. Check out my next list coming soon!

Pictures of me

For one of my 101 goals I had a goal to take a picture of myself everyday for a month. My time is almost up so when I had a month left I started on the "selfies" I am not a fan of pictures of myself and that's why I challenged myself. It was rough and a month was much. Longer than I thought but I'm glad I did it and I think some of them are pretty good. 

The end of the courtney show! 

Mason this month

Here are some of masons finest moments this past month
Riding the donkey lawn art at GGs new house
Snuggling with his hello kitty blanket grandpa Scott gave him. Silly grandpa. 
He made that sock puppet at school and won't take it off. He loves it and chases the dogs with it and wants to sleep in it. 
Breakfast at tams place. Chocolate chip pancakes are his favorite!

Wearing the cape Chandra gave him. Super cowboy
I tuck this silly boy in every night and some how he ends up like this by morning. 
Mason is talking so much now. He is always surprising us. 
He has really adjusted to full time school/daycare. He sees us both often and will shout "that's my mom"
"that's my daddy"  
He is still wild and crazy as ever. 
He definitely has his own opinion of clothes and especially shoes. He wore snow boots to school the other day because I couldn't convince him to put on anything else.