Monday, August 27, 2012

Pioneer day phot shoot

A while back at the primary activity the stake primary president took pictures if all the kids. I love how masons turned out. What a sweet boy.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Another packed weekend

I didn't take very good pics this weekend but I wanted to tell about our weekend.
Last weekend we went camping (again no pictures) and mason loved it. He slept really good and loved swimming and playing in the dirt he also loved watching the fire. The dogs were loving the open air and Travis and I enjoyed the company of our good friend Josie and cliff king and their girls. We camped at spring valley reservoir free and not crowded and not to far away and swimming!

Then this weekend Travis parents came over for a work day at the ranch. We installed some windows on the porch. We also went to see Travis great aunts. They love mason. We put him in the outfit they bought him that says "off to the aunties". We love spending time with family!

Go vandals

After our last saturday training my friend Liz took pictures of mason in his baby vandal gear (given to us by a parent in my class). I loved how they turned out!

Marie found me!

My roommate in college Marie called me and said "is Lewiston close to Pullman?" I immediately freaked out and said so so close! Then she was actually in Pullman for wsu vet school's white cost cerimony for her brother! So she braved the lentil festival to find me! And she got to meet mason and bring me my coat. (in college to help me read my scriptures I told my roomies that if I forgot one day the could pick anything of mine anything at all and keep it. Marie was nice and took my coat. She saved it all these years to return it to me. What a sweetheart. It was so nice I see her! And the best part she will be back for graduation in a couple years!! Whoo hoo

Last day at Uicc

I am going to miss the university of Idaho childrens center so much. I love love love my coworkers. I have made some of the best friends I've ever had. I am going to miss carpooling with alisa. We complained about our husbands to work and our classes on the way home. I will miss Ellen and her blunt humor. She reminds me so much of opal and I loved that. I will miss Liz and her happy smile and disposition. And just the familiarity I had there Melissa's awesome cooking. And the helpful and supportive parents. Angela and Pam's humor and care.

And these pictures are from the last day the stole my keys. Put this picture of the creepy corn kid and when I was driving I saw it and laughed until I cried. This poster came with our "diversity" pack and it was passed around to tease the teachers because really who would put this in their classroom. Good times.

Go cougs

School started today!! Last semester for Travis! (besides his internship). He is taking two required classes then conditioning swimming and scuba and history of rock and roll to fill in the rest. I also started my new job at headstart I am training this week and next but can't wait to get in my class and teach. Hooray for fall 2012!

So tired.

Mason fell asleep in the dollar store shopping cart. Poor Lil guy must have been sleepy!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tye dye

Friday was tye dye day at preschool. Another teacher and I went to the local tyedye lady (yes in Moscow!) and she taught us how to twist wrap and dye shirts. I made mason and I matching shirts Travis didnt want one (surprise surprise). Monday all the teachers and most of the kids wore their tyedye creations. It was so fun!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gramzi's visit

Travis' mom came over to see her parents so we went up for a family visit. Mason loved ' helping ' her send grandpa Jim Jim a text. What a great quick visit.

Grow with me part 2 six months

Cali does a "grow with me" plan and after age took our newborn pictures we couldn't resist her continuing to capture mason's first year. At our 6 month shoot I loved her creativity, energy and excitement. I loved how the sneak peeks are turning out!
To find out more about Cali please visit her website

Goodbye dr Adkins

We love love love our family doctor Ben Adkins md. But he is moving to Corvallis or. We will miss him so much. At masons last appointment we gave him a thank you candy bar poster. De Adkins saved my life twice so it's the least we could do ;). He thought mason was just so smart stong and funny and of course wiggly. Mason sure loved the paper.

The poster said
Dr adkins
Don't snicker but we think You deserve 100 grand for being the worlds best doctor.
Mason was a whopper of a delivery.
You would think it would take the three musketeers to deliver him but you did it single handed.
You were such a sweet heart showing up to take care of us when we were in a crunch
You will always be extra special to us airheads For being our lifesaver.
Love courtney Travis and m&m ( mason Mattoon)

Six months

Mason is still my Lil peanut. He weighed in at 13 lbs 10 oz. still hasn't doubled his birth weight but our doctor wasn't worried. Mason is super smart and strong.
He knows his name
Says dad when he's really excited and mom when he's really sad
Cam turn the pages of his board books
Can scoot and roll everywhere.
So close to on his knees crawling
Eats baby food once a day
Can sit up but prefers to lay on
his belly
Hates to get tired and refuses to sleep during the day until he crashes
Love little kids
Loves nala and bandit and pictures of them too
Loves his toes but isn't flexible enough to eat them
Still sleeps through the night about 8-7
Loves the jumperoo but mostly twirls stands and swings.
Loves his extended familyin pictures and especially during FaceTime.

Pool party

I love the pool with friends. Travis is loving the water slides and Mason loves the fountains and the lazy river. I live the obstacle course and holding and dunking mason. Paisley and mason matched in their red white and blue. So cute. They are holding hands.

Baby paisley

Mason loves his girlfriend paisley already!! Congrats Justin and Ashley!

Put put

The Clements invited us to go put put on their last night before baby paisley was born. I of course lost because I hate putt putt but it's all for the fun! Thanks Justin for wearing mason the whole time

Pioneer day

For pioneer day we went to a primary activity. It was full of games and pioneer treats. I made Josie's girls bonnets and made a handkerchief for Mason and put on his suspenders. He looked cute. I made aprons for Josie and I.