Tuesday, April 16, 2013

There's those teeth.

I finally caught a pic of his mouth full of teeth. He has six teeth on top and two on the bottom. That has got to feel so weird on his bottom gums!!


My preschool grew caterpillars into butterflies. It was so neat. I have done it the last two years at the u of I so I was excited to order my little caterpillars let them grow and get into they chrysalis and then into butterflies. My favorite part is releasing them. You stick your hand in the net and they climb right on your hand. Then you set them onto a branch or grass or flower. I feel as gentle as Jesus! I can't wait to do this with mason when he is bigger

Mustache binky

Nothing is more funnier than a baby in a mustache. Oh goodness I can't stop laughing or taking pictures. The best part is he keep making faces but has no idea how adorable it is!

So excited for school

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Olde European breakfast

We went out to eat with Travis' parents for a quick visit. They came to visit grandma but we didn't want to spread our colds so we didn't go out to the ranch. On the way out of town Chris and Jim invited us to breakfast. It was delicious as always. We love you. Thank you for the quick visit.

Mom and chases visit

I love when We get visitors. Chase and my mom came to visit. It was a short trio during their spring break. They came in on Wednesday and left Friday so I took Thursday off for a full day of spoiling. We went to the park, out to eat and did plenty of shopping at all our favorite local shops. Travis and I had colds all week so it was the perfect distraction and just what we needed. Thank you so much for coming!!

A look at my goals

I have been working on a list of goals (101) to do in 1001 days. Here is a look at my progress. As of April 1st. I have until October 3rd. 6 months to go!!
1. Learn to drive in snow and ice
(I drove to work all winter yay!!)
2. Make a quilt thats not jean (twister quilt + pinwheel + 1/2 of a shirt quilt)
3. Participate in Just because gift Challenge http://mylifeasacraftaholic.blogspot.com/2010/01/just-because-gift.html ( working on it)
4. Make a tutorial for something I made
5. Get certified to be a teacher (complete!!)
6. Evaluate my goals monthly (yep)
7. Go on a date with Travis once a month (yep)
8. Bear my testimony in Church on Fast Sunday or Speak in Sacrament (complete)
9. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a week (complete)
10. Write Buddy on his mission every other week ( didn't and he's home now so missed that)
11. Find a way to stay motivated (moving in June is helping me finish my crafts)
12. Run a half marathon or do a triathlon (not even close!)
13. Work out 3 times a week for 3 months ( not yet)
14. Write down 50 things I like about myself (not yet)
15. Get family picture taken every year (2/3) want wheat fields this year
16. Buy a CTR ring for my pinky finger( yes!)
17. Mark at least one verse in every page of the Book of Mormon 1/2 done
18. Sell my crafts
19. Buy a necklace from Betsy Farmer (http://www.etsy.com/shop/betsyfarmerdesigns) (yes!!)
20. Make bread
21. Organize my craft room by putting in shelves ( yes!!)
22. Make a new Ironing Board cover (Got one as a gift)
23. Pay off CC debt (closer)
24. Pay off Car (planned)
25. Pay off Court's Student loans (close)
26. Create a binder full of "get happy" quotes, music, pictures etc to cheer me up when I'm down
27. Be a friend to someone I don't like (currently working on it)
28. Get pregnant ( yep!)
29. Don't laugh at others expense. Stick up for them (working on it)
30. Help Travis graduate from the Sports Management program at WSU ( graduates next month)
31. Paint a room in my apartment (maybe next place)
32. Go home 4 times (6/4)
33. Start a Journal of me and Travis’ relationship
34. Earn In-State tuition at WSU (complete!!)
35. Help Travis get a scholarship (no and no more chances)
36. Help Travis get an internship (yes with Spokane shock)
37. Do something creative and cute (as a surprise) once a month for Travis (yep)
38. Make a list of characters in the scriptures and their attributes that I want to emulate
39. Evaluate my Christ-like attributes (in PMG) every 3 months
40. Host a party every 3 months (lots of baby showers bdays and Halloween)
41. Host another Murder mystery dinner party (maybe for goodbye party)
42. If possible breed Nala ( got her spayed instead.)
43. Make a craft once a week for 2 months and blog it
44. Train the dogs to spin, gravel, nod and high five
45. Pick a gospel topic to study each month to build a better testimony
46. Volunteer in a hospital if possible
47. Read the whole Conference edition ensign
48. Memorize the Temple Endowment
49. Attend a college sporting event ( lots!)
50. Get an album cover and name all my songs on Itunes
51. Make a difference
52. Finish my Doctrine Journal by adding D&C notes
53. Help Travis make a 101 goal list… maybe we’ll shoot for 10
54. Do a photo project from http://sh1ft.org/projects/
55. Learn to Crochet
56. Identify 5 people who've made an impact on my life and tell them
57. Do my Visiting Teaching
58. Take a self portrait every day for 1 month
59. Go a week without complaining
60. Make a quiet book
61. Don't spend a dime for a whole week
62. Go to General Conference in Utah with Travis because he’s never been
63. Take the dogs on a walk to Moscow on the Chipman Trail
64. Repurpose a piece of furniture ( Jaimie's bday gift shelf)
65. Blog a little more every year (more than 85 in 2011) (complete for 2011, and for 2012)
66. Donate blood (can't for twelve years thanks to three blood transfusions)
67. Do something for a cancer sufferer (made quilt for auction)
68. Go one week without using the internet
69. Answer the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind”
70. Make a blog button for my craft blog
71. Get WA plates and a WA Driver’s license (both complete)
72. Take pictures in a photo booth with Travis
73. Use the new features on my camera (love it!!)
74.Take a pottery class
75. Make a playlist of music to get me up in the morning
76. Buy something I really want and give it to someone else (Ashley's bday gift)
77. Get a library card ( complete)
78. Write a letter to a general authority
79. Write 12 thank you cards a year for random appreciation
80. Cut vinyl with my cricut
81. Buy a new charm for my charm bracelet to represent my puppies
82. Go skiing (failed. Next list :))
83. Label my books so I can bring them into my classroom
84. Be able to do 50 sit ups and push ups ( practicing this with Travis)
85. Organize photos on laptop and passport (masons are the rest are not)
86. Floss every night for a month (complete)
87. Read a motivational book
88. Go to a midnight showing of a movie
89. Wake up at the first alarm everyday for a month
90. Update my “person I want to become” list
91. Draw a picture for Chloe and mail it to her (painted a picture of the eiffel tower and space needle for Christmas)
92. Buy and use and address book ( complete)
93. Make 20 new resources for my classroom 10/20
94. Make a list of 100 good qualities and star the ones I have
95. Take a picture of me and Travis doing something once a month (mason mostly but a few of all of us)
96. Make a QVC/As seen on TV knock off
97. Document 100 things about me (found the list I want to use)
98. Pay for the person behind me in a drive-thru
99. Take a trip to celebrate graduation/anniversary (paid for our cruise in nov 2013)
100. Make a things to do with Travis list
101. Make another 101 list before this one is over

Here's to six more months to get things done!!

Bed head

Mason's fine blonde hair makes some good bed head in the morning.