Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fond of You Fondue Party

Our friends the Drolettes are moving and we are so sad.
He love Baseball, She loves crafts... enough said on why that works :)
That's the tough part about living in a college town. People move out and move on.
We will really miss them though!
So why not have a party. We threw them a "fond of you" fondue party. It was very tasty and very packed!

Lots of tasty treats. I made the fondue and each guest brought something to dip in the fondues. There was a LOT of bread but thats ok it was SO good. I made a cheese fondue, a cream cheese chicken fondue and a chocolate fondue!

A bit of entertainment was the cute and funny were the 2 kids there were playing in the dog crates and were completely entertained. My friend Becky's daughter kept saying "Lock me in Mommy" I joke that if my kids ever say that Travis might lock them in there for a while ;)Who would have known kids like crates more than dogs ha ha

It sure was a fun party!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Christ Centered Easter

This Easter we really tried to bring in the spirit of the Savior and his Atonement into our home. A week before Easter I was part of our Stake Easter Program. It was so beautiful and really made me rethink the importance of the month of April. For the whole rest of the week I tried to think of my Savior and the love we have for each other. I know that He loves me and I love Him. I am really good about thinking about Christ and his life in December but it really came into perspective when I heard a quote by an apostle that without Easter and the crucifixion, that Christ's birth would have just been another baby born. I am so grateful that He not only gave us his time and energy of his life to serving others but He also sacrificed his life so we could return to live with Him. I love that so much.
We did have the chance to eat easter dinner and brunch with Travis' family that came over to his grandparents and also with our good friends the Dunns.
Travis made Beef Pinwheels that were absolutely delicious. We also had deviled eggs, twice baked potatoes and cream corn!

Later that night we decorated some eggs with the Dunns and Drolettes.

The boys were required to decorate one egg. These are what they came up with.
Travis (mariners S) Spencer and Nayt

I used hot glue to write words and dots. I dipped some then wrote then dipped again. Then peeled off the glue. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't, that's why I didn't peel Travis' off.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ashlee's Birthday!

So normally I put these posts on my craft blog but I loved this wreath and needed to share it on both! Jaimie and I worked all week on this wreath. And all the time paid off when Ashlee loved it! Now that I'm obsessed (and a pro at rolling) I want to cover everything in these flowers, Lampshades, picture frames! Oh endless possibilities!
I used this tutorial

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yay for the return of the wifey pearls!

I got my necklace fixed finally! It is my favorite necklace, a 15" strand of pearls from Ross Simons. My mom bought them for my wedding and I wore them night and day for the last 3 years. Well in a tragic accident they broke! I am so happy they are fixed. Long live the wifey pearls. (I am going to try to remember to take them off to shower and sleep so they last longer but we'll see if I can do it!)

Ten things I love about preschool

I'm getting a little down about working this summer (it will be the first time in a long time I've had too) So I thought I would turn up the optimism and write my 10 favorite thing about Teaching preschool.
1. I am a celebrity in my class. Everyone wants to talk to me, come to my house, have a sleep over, invite me to their party and sit by me ALL THE TIME. I try not to let it go to my head but really they adore me and even though their 4 and 5 I love the attention ha ha
2. I am in control of the fun we have. Since I plan the curriculum I plan the fun. I can wait to plan some fun sun activities that will get me to jump out of bed in the morning!!
3. I get to plan at work. So when I get home I get to have me time. I can take the dogs on a walk, hang out with travis, craft, what have you from 4:30 on!
4. I have some funny kids in my class. I never know what they are going to say next. Like today when Carson told me that ke$ha (singer) brushes here teeth with jacks when I told him to brush his teeth after lunch. ha ha someone must listen to the radio with mom.
5. I get messy and love it. I love when my kids make a mess. I play right there with them in the paint mixed with glue mixed with glitter. It is awesome.
6. My assistant makes my life so much easier. She makes me laugh quite a bit too.
7. Teaching is like this high for me. When I teach the kids something and later I see them applying it all by themselves I just get such a good feeling, like an adrenaline rush. I love when I make an impact on their lives.
8. Preschool graduation is coming up and I can use all my corny party planning ideas because they love them.
9. The girls in my class tell me they want to be like me, the boys tell me they want to marry me. I tell you I can't be loved enough over at that place!
10. Four to Five year olds have got to be the cutest age. If I could just birth out a preschooler I would. They are independent in some things (like hygiene, bathroom, feeding) but need you so much with other things (attention, story telling, playing)

Gosh I just love my job!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crazy day at preschool

We do some pretty fun stuff in my class... if I do say so myself since I plan it. But sometimes my ideas are LOVED by my kids SO much. Today was one of those days. We read "If I ran the circus" by Dr. Seuss. So I thought it would be fun to paint our faces and have a talent show. The kids loved it and wanted to paint their faces for the rest of the week. They begged me to paint mine. No face was safe in the Dark blue room!

"Rainbow" by Makai

"vampires killing zombies" by Baily

"Self Portrait" by Sophia

Monday, April 4, 2011

Family's First to Visit to Pullman

My family came to visit this weekend! It was so fun to chat, catch up, shop, eat and get our nails did! It was a great time. So short but so fun.

The dogs loved the attention by the aunt clara and chloe and uncle chase. They really loved the attention and expected it even after they left.

We also got our toes done! Oh how we love to be pampered.

We went shopping and I showed the fam my classroom. Chase had fun going to football practice with Travis. We also ate great food. Including yummy burgers and shakes at CCDI (that's what the cool kids call cougar country drive in!)

thanks fam! come again soon!

rAiNy DaY wAlKs

I got Nala and Bandit the cutest little raincoats from the dollar store. Nala's has an 80's vibe to it where Bandit's is more Nautical. I think they're so cute!