Sunday, October 31, 2010

Don't Forget the Dogs!

Of course I dressed up the dogs! How could I forget!

Nala was an Angel.

Bandit and Bronx were Devils.

Enough said!

To prove how much dogs are like children look at the series of pictures as we tried to photograph them in their costumes

Happy Halloween!

We had a wonderful Halloween.
At my school we had "fall festival fun week" It was a week of ghosts, pumpkins, bats and spiders with a Haunted Class made by the kids. It was great!

Trav and I dressed up as Emily Elizabeth and Clifford for our church party. It was lots of fun!

This is a picture of Jared, Ashlee, Nayt and Jaimie and us at the Halloween party. They are our best friends

I had to buy a pair of WSU sweat pants to convince Travis to dress up. But I was so glad he did!

Travis and his buds were in a pie eating contest. Jared (the zombie on the left) won!

Jaimie and I got glow sticks and were playing around with the camera. It looked like we were breathing fire!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Mattoon's Love Puppies!

Over here in Pullman it is puppy central. We love our Bandit and now we have another pup to love. Nala is a 10 week old Boxer we are watching. She is so cute and is so easy to train. The breeder told us that if we could train a beagle we could definitely train a boxer. She is inspiring Bandit to be more obedient.

Our Best friends Nayt and Jaimie have a boxer named Bronx. He is Bandit's Best friend
We have so much fun with them. Funny thing is that they are from Marysville which is about 5 minutes from where Trav are from. They got married the day after us in the same temple. No kids but a dog. She is a sugar mama too while her hubs goes to school. She loves crafts and he loves sports. And they are our neighbors. Perfect. They are the best thing that has happened to us in Pullman and definitely an answer to our prayers.

Now some pictures for your enjoyment

Self timer family photo

Nala the baby boxer

Bandit chewing his toy

Cuddling with the pups during conference

Bronx's giant head makes me feel better about mine

Best friend playing tug

We are really starting to feel like home. We have had so much fun with our dogs and new friends!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mutt Strutt

Pullman raised money for a dog park and had a Mutt Strutt party so we dressed up the dogs and took them out to show them off

Molly, Bronx and Bandit at the mutt strutt. These dogs are bandit's friends.

Bandit loved the baby swing. It was very amusing

Flying ears

The dogs love the car window.

WSU Bandit bandanas

Matching WSU jackets

We stopped at the fair after the mutt strutt. we ate an elephant ear and Jaimie and I got lots of free stuff. It was a great day.