Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had a wonderful Halloween.
At my school we had "fall festival fun week" It was a week of ghosts, pumpkins, bats and spiders with a Haunted Class made by the kids. It was great!

Trav and I dressed up as Emily Elizabeth and Clifford for our church party. It was lots of fun!

This is a picture of Jared, Ashlee, Nayt and Jaimie and us at the Halloween party. They are our best friends

I had to buy a pair of WSU sweat pants to convince Travis to dress up. But I was so glad he did!

Travis and his buds were in a pie eating contest. Jared (the zombie on the left) won!

Jaimie and I got glow sticks and were playing around with the camera. It looked like we were breathing fire!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween

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Susie said...

Love your darling costumes and all the fun your having!!