Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

My adorable Husband who is so bad "A", Thanks for being the best husband I could ask for!!

THANKS DAD FOR BEING SO GREAT!!! I LOVE YOU!!! You raised me up so well!!

My father-in-law  Jim has done a lot for us!! Thanks for Everything!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An eventful Weekend

So finally after much begging for travis to take a picture with me on the beach he let me. Well with him and his sandwhich but hey who's complaining. SO much over due here is us on Virginia Beach. I am wearing my new J.crew Swim Suit and as you can tell my hair does very well in the humidity. not really it is quite the frizzy mess now a days.

We had a little accident at the beach as well. Travis and I have been trying to learn to skim board. We saw these little kids surfing with theirs when the waves were about to break on the sand so trav gave it a try. The board collided with the wave and banged into his face. He wouldn't let me take him to the doctor so lets hope its not broken. It was bleeding like crazy and i put an end to all skim boarding activities. we sold it to our boss. 

But of course giving something away must make room for something new so we bought a Dart Board. A real one with steel darts. Trav is some kind of champion but i am slowly learning. I got a double and triple 19 in one hand. thats pretty good for sheer luck of the throw. Now if only we could get nieko to stop thinking we are playing fetch with him... oh and it is on the couch right now until we get better... well until i get better so i don't hit the wall. :o) travis is such a thinker!!

Our little baby was sick all night and made his first mess on the carpet. I had to take him out 3 times. He is just resting and i am hoping it goes away and he is feeling better soon. 

And finally we drew all over each other's feet before going to the beach. Travis loves me and according to this picture i love him so much that i am letting him get a tattoo and a motorcycle. But for the record BOTH are not happening.  

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tagged things you didn't know about me

You've been tagged! Here's what you gotta do.

1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

Alright so here are 8 random facts about me...

1.         I obsess over laundry. I love doing it but if I am not going to be around when it is done or will be busy I can’t do it. Reason: I hate the smell of laundry that was wet but sat too long and love the feeling of burning hot clothes out of the hot dryer.

2.          I have a very over active imagination that makes me nervous to do simple things like drive because i imagine these horrible accidents.

3.          I have always wanted to be a t-shirt and Jeans type girl but have never been able to do it. It just looks to plain on me.  I don’t own any just plain t-shirts there all favorite fits from gap or Jcrew. richie rich t-shirts as opal calls them. ha ha  

4.         I was/am the biggest teachers pet. I would do anything for them in hopes of them giving me a better grade. I even made quilts for my favorite high school teachers (yes teachers is Plural.)

5.         I love to ride on Planes. I think I was just deprived as a child but I LOVE LOVE LOVE an airplane ride… who even cares where I am going.

6.         I don’t really like making out. I like short cute kisses no long slobbery all over me kisses.  And talking about that or anything further makes me so embarrassed. Travis is the same way so i guess its okay.

  7.      I love sugar. I hear about girls who give up sweets for weeks and I could never do that. God knew I did in heaven and blessed me with a small figure.
8.    I love cards. Birthday cards, thinking about you cards, get well soon and sympathy. I love to card shop 
and just go to stores to specifically look for a good card. I love getting and sending mail. 

Now I tag Ashley, Katie, Sam, Nicole, Caitlan, Allison, Mccall and Orchid

Friday, June 6, 2008

AND the Days Pass

Well it is now the sixth of June and I couldn't be happier that time is passing. 

I have Enjoyed a lot of good mail lately that has brightened my day. My mom sent a package to indy that finally made it too me with some new clothes so i couldn't be happier about that!!! i also got a lovely card from My FBF Opal. And a wedding card from one of me and travis' old High School Teacher. I was thrilled. Although getting mail in Virginia is a task. The state of Virginia is a "common wealth" state so the public doesn't own government things. You must order your mail box and then they come change the lock and then issue a new key, which you must go pick up. I think it is funny they do not trust the apartment complex with such a tedious task. 
other weird things about Virginia is:
#1 a gallon of milk = $4.07 even at walmart. that is more than a gallon of gas.  My conclusion they must not have Cows in Virginia.
#2 if you get a ticket you must pay it 3 times. once a year for 3 years. Obviously they want to remind you of the consequence.
#3 To park in a parking garage for 30 minutes for a job interview you must pay $2.00. That parking man was not going to let me talk my way out of that one.
and finally #4 they have gated Jewish Communities which i am now an employee of.

Other news. I got a new J.crew swimming suit to add to my collection. Nicole i know you will appreciate that!!! Funny thing was i didn't tell travis until after it was on its way. And since he didn't care i think i might just get another one... ok ok no i won't but it was fun to tell him i did it again.

Neiko is doing good. still barking much less thanks to his new collar. now i only put it on when i leave. hooray. I also bought him some new food and he liked it but took out all the green pieces that supposed to be vegetable flavor. (I think he is taking after travis who told me yesterday not to put lettuce on his sandwiches because it makes them too healthy.) But he ate the green treat bone so i know a way to trick him into eating his vegetables. Now only if there were those bones for people. Silly Boys.

So all is well with the Mattoons. Hope everything is going good for all of you as well. Pictures will come soon enough i am sure

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Tribute to my FAMILY

I have been so incredibly homesick these last few weeks and I was just on my friend Ashley's blog when I saw she had a school assignment to write a "tribute to her family" so I thought this might sum up all the thoughts I have been having about my wonderful home. And maybe help me vent and feel a little less homesick.

First my dad scott. He is the hardest working man I know. He works so so hard so my family can have a good life. We give him headaches and grey hair in return. He was always really strict on me but I know that it has made me into the great person I am today. Who know what I would have done if I didn't have the secret fear of what he'd do to me ha ha

Next my Ma Mere. She is so amazing. I don't know what I would do with out her example. She makes me laugh and cry and strive to be a better person everyday. She cleans and cooks like a mad woman and still has time to bargain shop. She has done so many things for me and my siblings and always puts our needs before her own.

My sister Clara is absolutely gorgeous.  Although we didn't always get along she has been such an example to me. She is so strong and doesn't let others bring her down. She is her own person and does things her own way no matter what people think. She is very dramatic but it brings such excitement into the home. I am so proud of her in all the things she's accomplished.

My Brother Christian is the most talented person. He just tries something and he is instantly good at it. He is naturally good at sports and has rock hard abs too boot. He is funny and handsome and smart. He really cares about people and school. He is also really good with little kids.

My other sister Chloe is a gem. She is extremely artistic and creative. She puts up with so much and is the peacemaker in our home. She gave up her bed for me the entire summer so i had somewhere to sleep. Chloe would do anything for anyone even if she didn't know them. She has tons of friends and I know why.

And Last but not Least Chase. Chaser is a a ladies man. Everyone that knows him likes him. He is very intelligent and might even be better than me at math. He is really funny and has lots of sports talent. He is really good at saving money and buys a lot of his own things at age 11. He is going to be really successful someday.

So that is my family. But now I have my own family so this is also a tribute to them!!

Travis is the hot stud I married 5 months ago. He is really athletic and can talk to anyone. He makes me feel so loved and deserving of all the blessing I've received. He holds the priesthood that blesses our homes (notice the S because we move so frequently.) I trust him with any decision he makes. He paid for his own mission because it was that important to him to share the gospel he knew with others. He is so talented and patient with me when i am being such a stinker.

And Neiko. My baby. Neikster always knows when I need a cuddle. Even when I just pout he is always there. He is so so so cute even when he does something bad he should get into trouble for. I am constantly laughing or smiling at something is does. He has been my new buddy in a lonely place.

So there it is my wonderful family. that felt good. "It's not about being read its about being written." gurken off of Sydney White. if you don't know what i am talking about you should watch that movie it is hilarious.