Sunday, March 1, 2015


I can't believe it's almost been 5 years since we moved to Pullman. It was so nice to drive back through rexburg and see Christie and her sweet family. I stayed in her craft room and basically drooled over her beautiful space. And of course dreamed all sorts of creative dreams. Ha ha. 
Mason loved Isabelle. She let him touch her instruments. He watched movies with Parker and loved Marley their giant rodisian ridgeback. 
I was so surprised how much has changed in rexburg since we've moved. I did enjoy a visit to down east, porters and the di. Christie also treated me to my favorite pizza buffet and cocoa bean cupcakes. It was definitely nostalgic. I showed Mason the temple and where we  used to live. We also went to Wolfe lighting to show Mason the lights which he loved and see Brad. Later we went to Seth and Kirsten's and met cooper and tucker. 

Mason started not feeling well so we had to cancel some of our plans. Christie was so sweet to help me with him. Poor guy. I was worried about the drive home but it went well. Thank goodness. 
I spent about 65$ in gas. Pretty incredible. I love my prius. 
1561 miles, 30 gallons of gas, 6 bathroom stops, 5 temples seen, 4 car sick pukes, 3 beds shared with mas,, 2 long drives and one awesome week. It was such a great trip.