Friday, July 24, 2009


I am so excited that i graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho last night. It was so great to see my mom and dad and chloe and chase. I had a great time with them and all those who could make it last night. Travis' parents came in too and are staying until Saturday. I can't wait to go get our toes done while the boys go golfing. Thank you Mom and Dad for coming and taking us out to eat, buying us new dishes among other things and spending quality time. I hope i make you proud. I was so sad when they left because 2 days did not make up for the 8 months i haven't seen them. But we are going back to "the party house" (aka my parents house) in TWO weeks!! yay.
Here are some pictures we took last night!

Here I am with Travis' parents Chris and Jim!!

Me and Opal. She has been there for everything the last 7 years there is no way she'd miss this!!

Me and my PROUD husband ha ha

My happy family, minus Clara and Christian they had to work, Chase and Chloe and My mom and Dad. I was so glad they made it!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009



My mom called me yesterday to tell me that my dad, my mom, my sisters and brothers are all coming to my graduation!!!! I was so happy i almost cried.

My mother and father in-law will also be there.

I can't believe it is so so so so sooon and i will have all those i love around me.

Hooray. Have a great day.
Ps we moved and were so happy to be in a new home. Pictures of the new place soon!!