Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Best aunt

Mason has started quite the competition for who is the best aunt. I have two sister and two sister- in-laws (with two more when my brothers get married) plus all of my best friends get the title aunt. Plus all of Chris's best friends call themselves aunts too! Fewf!
My sister Clara bought this shirt for him before he was born. She took a picture with him in it a year ago even. 
Mason can say ash, jaim, and cla-ka and co for Chloe! He loves looking at their pictures. I am so glad mason has so many people who love him. He is one lucky boy!

A little short

I might have cut masons hair just a little shorter than I usually do .... Oops. It will grow back. Right!?
When Travis came in as I was shaving it he was like "whoa a little short!" I started to panic! "It will grow back? Right! Right?"  He reassured me it would he just thought I would do it with a three like I normally do. Oh well. 
Mason rubbed his head for the rest of the night. I think he liked the texture. 

Rainy days in June

Boo we have had almost two weeks of rain! My preschoolers have had it and so has mason. Today we decided to build forts!
It turned out pretty awesome and occupied them for hours. 
When I got home mason was so sad about not getting to play out side. He kept signing "rain" then "all done" then preceded to throw an outright fit.  So I distracted him with a fort just his size
Perfect way to cheer him up! He is getting so big. I can't believe he's big enough to appreciate forts now!

Goodbye Taylor

It's time to put away childish things and sometimes you just have to grow up a little and act more like an adult. 
For Christmas 2010 Jaimie bought me a Taylor Lautner poster (from the twilight movies) and its been up in my craft room ever since. But sorry Taylor. You didn't make the cut. You won't be going up in the new place. Oh wow I feel so grown up now ha ha ;)

Oh outlook

Oh outlook. You've been good to us. But now it's time for us to move on to new and hopefully better things. We are going to manage a storage place in pullman and they have a place for the managers to live. Pretty excited. 
We've lived in outlook for 3 years! Crazy. This was masons (and our dogs) first home. This is where we met our best friends and have made countless memories. I've held tons of parties (bday goodbye and holiday) here. It will probably always hold a special place in my heart. 
I definitely won't miss the four flights of stairs, the smoking section, taking out the dogs in the pitch black and never finding a parking spot. Or the neighbors! Wow. But it was a great place for us and I know it opened the doors and opportunities it needed too. 
Good by c305!

I'm gunna miss her

I love pullman. But definitely the worst part is that so many people come and go! Don't get me started on all my besties I've had to say goodbye too over the past three years. But really it's the worst!
Emily walker is no exception. Emily and I spent a year carpooling together to work. She was my only working mom friend. We both had or baby boys and were friends through all of it. Everyone needs a friend like Emily. She is inspiring but not in the ill never be as good as her way. Just the she's awesome and thinks I'm awesome so that must mean something kind of way! She is so talented and completely giving of her time. She is so super and I'm really gunna miss her. But luckily her family is from Troy so hopefully she will be back to visit. 
Here are our boys together. 
And us at the "kick the walkers out of Washington" party. 
You're welcome Illinois you better take care of her!

Hanging out with dad

Mason loves hanging out with dad.

Travis loves that mason is getting older now and able to play and do more with him!

70's style

Travis and I were  joking 70"s porn star style but I didn't think that was too appropriate for a blog title

Dressing boys for church is the best. It is seriously my favorite day to get him ready 

The mustache binky just fits doesn't it

The top is baby gap, the pants are diesel  and the vest is homemade I think (the pants and vest were both 25 cents at sugar britches!)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The best dads get promoted to grandpa

Happy Father's Day to some pretty stellar dads ( that were promoted to grandpa)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Huckleberry jam

Gramzi (Travis' mom) made us a few jars of huckleberry jam. Mason devoured it!! He absolutely loved it!!

Sunday best

I love dressing mason for church on Sunday! Ha he is such a stud!

A little blurry. He is a mover!

Blonde is back

I highlighted my hair from when I was 16 to about 21. Travis didn't want to spend the money ( and my awesome cousin Anna moved :(. ) so I dyed it back to my natural color. I've been itching for a change (and didn't want to chop it off) so I went back. Travis even let me use some of his graduation money! My friend crystal did it and I love it! 

Hiking backpack

I have been obsessed with finding a new carrier for mason. The eurgo was so good to us but reality: mason is growing up! So I've been on the search so I didn't have to spend $$. I finally found one on Craigslist in our price range jumped on it. Come to find out it was my good friend Laurie selling hers! Silly. Anyways I love it and it is perfect whether or not I'm hiking a mountain or just containing the beast! It's a Kellty kids carrier. It comes with a sun/rain shield and a backpack. It also stand on its own when its off your shoulders. 
Mason looks less than thrilled because it means he doesn't get to run in the mud anymore! (I let him do plenty of that before he went in!)

Klemgard park

Out of town a little is a beautiful park. We had our wars party their last weekend. Mason got very dirty. I loved hanging out with my friends!!


Last day of the Dino's

Since Travis hasn't found a week day job he still gets to spend time with mason! So we pulled him from my work on Wednesdays. It will be an extra $150 in our pocket so we are happy about that. But I'm going to miss having him around (especially since I'm teaching his class over the summer). But I took these cute pics one his last lunch break with me. He is such a little explorer and can't believe he can do it all on his own.  

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nap time with bandit

Bandit was taking a nap and mason decided to join him!

Too cool baby vans

My family bought mason these vans for the Christmas before he was born. I've been waiting so long for them to fit. They are so stinking cute. Baby vans for the win!

Trailer camping with grandma and grandpa

We went "trailer camping" with Travis' parents. It was awesome. We can't wait to have trailer someday. Everyone in Travis' family has them and whenever they can we all get together at a fancy park. We went up to Spokane/Coeur d Alene after work on Friday to spend the weekend. It was Travis' great uncle Ed's 80th bday party. 
I didn't take really any pictures except mason eating this cookie... Or 5. Grandma and grandpa always mean treats!!

At the end he was exhausted!!

Memorial Day weekend

This Memorial Day was so special. We went around to all of Travis' deceased relatives graves that are in the area and left pinwheels. It is pretty cool because the Halseth side is mostly all burries in the same cemetery. Bethany cemetery on big bear ridge. It was the first time we saw grandpas headstone too. It was special too because mason saw grandpa Orville's picture and shouted "grandpa!!'' We don't want him to forget.  
I love my boys!!

Travis and mason. 

The headstone is perfect and shows the ranch and the jeep he loved so much

Mason was so good at all the sites. 

Courtney rocks

In middle school I had quite the confidence. I was always writing Courtney Reid (who rocks) all over things. I was in 7 or 8 grade shop and made this sign. It was in my room for a few years. My dad found it in the garage. And sent a picture of it to me. Oh what I wouldn't do for some of that confidence now! Funny how you couldn't  care less about what people think of you when you are younger.