Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm gunna miss her

I love pullman. But definitely the worst part is that so many people come and go! Don't get me started on all my besties I've had to say goodbye too over the past three years. But really it's the worst!
Emily walker is no exception. Emily and I spent a year carpooling together to work. She was my only working mom friend. We both had or baby boys and were friends through all of it. Everyone needs a friend like Emily. She is inspiring but not in the ill never be as good as her way. Just the she's awesome and thinks I'm awesome so that must mean something kind of way! She is so talented and completely giving of her time. She is so super and I'm really gunna miss her. But luckily her family is from Troy so hopefully she will be back to visit. 
Here are our boys together. 
And us at the "kick the walkers out of Washington" party. 
You're welcome Illinois you better take care of her!

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