Sunday, August 31, 2008


Today me and my wonderful husband gave talks in sacrament. I love speaking and have dreamed about the day we would speak together as a couple. I spoke first and gave a fabulous introduction on how we met and who we are and such. Its funny but i really have wanted to do that for forever. I always loved listening to people introduce themselves and how they met. We both spoke on covenants. Travis is an incredible speaker. He related covenants in our lives to quarters of a football game. It was really fun and made a lot of sense. He did it in honor of Football season starting. (just my luck) so you know what our days will consist of for the next 4 months. But we did a good job speaking and enjoyed it (even though travis will deny that) and i completed Goal #8. hooray.
obviously there is no photo because you don't take pictures in sacrament but i did find a fabulous talk which i will add the link too. Witness for God and Celebrating Covenants

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Bike finally

When we got back from Virginia our bike was gone. Before we left i asked the managers if we needed to have a bike permit and they said it just needed to be locked up. So i locked it up but while we were gone there was a small misunderstanding and bikes needed to be claimed. So since we didn't claim it it got donated. I like to think some little kid is riding my old bike and enjoying it as much as I did. My parents bought me that bike. I remember riding it everywhere with my siblings and best friends. Anyways long story short the Apartment owners bought me a new bike!! so here she is in all her glory!! Hot pink and flashy i know. ha now i just have to remember how to ride again!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Up Date on the Mattoons

Dear Chris and Jim,
Thank you for inviting us to come to Pullman/Lewiston to meet the fam. I say it was about time. And i have to give credit to Travis he did a good job introducing me and showing me around his childhood town. It was quite the adventure hanging out with grandma Charleen and one i won't forget. Thanks for letting us borrow the car so Travis could watch the Cougs practice and for buying our merchandise. Now i can sport my "team spirt" with trav on game days. We had such a great time. We love you and miss you guys already!!
Love your suck up daughter in-law

Dear Travis,
Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL necklace. It was such a surprise. I guess i over-estimated your inability to be creative and/or romantic.
your favorite wife,

Dear E-bay man,
Thank you for sending me the Sims 2 games i won. Now i can be completely unproductive until school begins. I am enjoying playing pets, business and having all the neat upgrades.
your friend in the bidding business,

Dear bookstore,
Why are textbooks so dang expensive? it looks like your going to get a good 300 bucks from the Mattoon's this semester.
The Mattoons

Monday, August 4, 2008

Regretting having children....

t and c Faces Combined Together -

court and travis David Mattoon -

I tried this thing called I tried to make it look better but they kept looking like this so... hopefully they won't have chubby cheeks like me.