Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December dump

Here's Decembers photos and stories that don't have their own post. 
Mason keeps making "beds" all over. This time bandit claimed it. 

Masons been picking out his own clothes lately in an attempt to get him to actually where clothes. This particular day was extra fancy. 
He was walking around talking to "gramzi" on the phone telling her to come back over. He's also been obsessed with the pirate sword lately. 

Trying out the new tunnel grandma got him for Christmas. 
Wearing new Christmas clothes. Then he said "am I going back to Dinos?" Clearly our attire has relaxed a bit now that we don't leave the house much. 

Nap time on the floor in his tmnt blanket he loves. 

He got a new puzzle and I helped a little bit but he is getting better and better at doing them. I'm impressed he doesn't get frustrated. He said "ask my grandma if she will make this when she comes to visit"
Nala pillow. Mason is much happier than she is. 
Gingerbread cookie. He ate an entire ball of fondant! bleh!
Braylin cuddling with bandy boy. He was in heaven. 
Nap time with daddio. 

Mason has been falling asleep to glen beck at nap time while Travis watches it.

Mason is obsessed with teenage mutant ninja turtles. Can name them all and their colors and weapons. Travis loved them when he was a kid so he is helping with the obsession. 

The potty talk has begun. Everything is "poopy diaper" this or "garbage pee" that. Ugh so annoying. 

We fixed the tires in the truck finally. One had nail and the other had a broken valve. 

Mason made up that reindeers needed coffee to fly and told every kid he hangs out with. Such a goof. 

Mason can now swim about 6 feet all by himself, come up for air  in the middle and keep going. 

Lewiston locomotive lights

We went to see the light in lewiston. It's something I've wanted to do every year we've lived in Pullman. It was awesome. (Chris said its been better in past years" Mason called these light "Christmas tree lights" and when ever we saw the lights or blow up lawn decor he would shout "look at the Christmas tree lights" so cute. 

Christmas snow

We didn't have a white Christmas but we did have a white ranch Christmas. Mason got to wear his new snow gear he got from chuck and Renee and hat from gramzi and grandpa Jim Jim 

This kid loves to eat snow!

He has the best daddy ever who took him sledding and played in the snow for an hour while mommy got to stay warm by the fire!

Christmas visit to the ranch

We were so excited when Chuck and Renee said they were going to visit the ranch with Chris and Jim for Christmas. They took the train to enjoy the Christmas slower paced and the ranch is perfect for that. 
Chuck and Renee got Mason lots of new clothes, hot wheels and of course a mustache binkie. He pulled the clothes out like they were packing tissue, then the cars came out and he was excited then the binkie and he was thrilled!!

Renee signed me up for birch box (beauty samples that come delivered to your home every month) which I am SO excited about. I've been wanting it for a long time! 

Travis got money from them and his parents. I know he wants to buy a gun but I'm not sure what he will end up getting. He also has some motorcycle gear he needs. 
Mason got a race track and Mason said "this was just what I wanted. Thank you thank you thank you." when he opened it. It was adorable. I built it and it took be over an hour. It was rediculous. But he loves it so it was worth it. But I deserve a reward for building the fisher price city skyway. 

Chris and Jim bought me a new serger. 5 years ago they bought me one and I cried. It broke this summer and I was so sad when they said it would be more to fix then to replace. Lucky for me when I told that story they listened and got me a new one (a bigger better faster one!!) and i can't wait to create with it!!

Mas was exhausted after the few days of Christmas. It was such a great family time!

Christmas morning.

We had a great Christmas morning. Mason was so excited when he went out and saw a tent and train table. He was even more excited once he started opening the wrapped presents. 
One of the funniest things was when he opened these sperrys from my parents he said "boat shoes! I always wanted boat shoes!" I have no idea why he said it but we were all laughing so hard. 

Travis wanted this coat all year. He was very excited when my parents got it for him. 

Mason was loving the new bridge that came with the table. 

I got these silly Jammies from my family. My sisters got the same. Twinsies!! 

Mason got lots of turtle stuff. He got a few clothes and all the action figures from the movie plus the van. He also got the DVDs of the original episodes. He also got a few books, a tunnel for his train and a tent and tunnel. Spoiled boy. He said at the end "I'm so glad I'm on the nice list" he sat in his tent and played while we cleaned and made breakfast. 
I got a coach necklace, teal hunter boots and new sheets from my mom and dad. 
I got ariat boots and motorcycle boots, a carhart vest and a few things for my silhouette from Travis and Mason. 
Travis got a coat, car jacks and a new cellphone case from my family
Travis got a bunch of Kevin Costner movies, a Braves hat and Garth brooks CDs and a sling shot from me. 

All  the gifts we gave went over well. Texting and facetime throughout the morning made it great even though we weren't together. 

I had no idea how much of a mess having our own Christmas would be. Lots of trips to the dumpsters and organization was needed the rest of the day. And playing with our new stuff!

Christmas Eve

We had our first Christmas Eve on our own this year and started new traditions. Travis made a delicious dinner of herb crusted Cornish game hen and potatos. It was so perfect. We gave Mason "the first gift of Christmas." Travis family let them open one gift on Christmas Eve. My family gave us pajamas. So this is a combination of the two with the name from The Polar Express. We spent the evening watching lots of Christmas movies. Ending with National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. 
The first gift of Christmas. 

Mason by the Christmas tree 2014

Masons treats for santa. Cookies for santa (including a prized fig newton- his favorite.) and tomatoes and granola for his reindeer. 

Santa came!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas card 2014

The Mattoons in 2014
Luckily this year went by really fast
Because it was one we didn't want to last 
Travis was gone at basic and AIT, 
First at Fort Jackson and the to Fort Lee. 
We went to see Travis graduate,
Only 12 long weeks was all we had to wait.  
South Carolina is where we got to fly;
Perfect trip in every way, so hard to say goodbye. 
We all survived another 10 weeks and then,
We were back together again. 
Travis graduated with honors too
Serving our country was something we are glad to do. 
Mason and courtney swam multiple times a week. 
Mason is a diving, breath holding, splashing little freak. 
Mason is two but wants to be older. 
We will be in trouble if he gets any bolder. 
Talks about guns, back flips and being three ,
He's chatty and friendly and happy as can be. 
He is obsessed with planes, fire trucks and trains.
He is all boy and has the looks and the brains. 
When Travis came home we bought a new toy,
A new yahamha roadstar motorcycle that brings him so much joy. 
He is working hard at Schweitzer Engineering,
A manufacturing assembler is what he is doing. 
Courtney completed a challenge for #100crafydays. 
She loves using her Silhouette and teaching people her crafty ways. 
Courtney worked at the CCCC until Novemeber. 
She made memories she will always remember. 
Now she is home enjoying a nice break,
Until the next adventure she decides to take. 
We found time to shoot our guns, but didn't camp once.
We enjoyed visits from lots of friends we love a bunch. 
And that was our year, so you know what we mean
When we say, "we look forward to a much calmer 2015"

Merry Christmas! Love Travis, Courtney, Bandit, Nala and Mason Mattoon. 

A visit form the Nash's

All my Christmas wishes came true when Karyn came to visit me on her way to her inlaws. I'm so glad she made me a priority. We had a great little visit and Mason played with baby o who isn't really a baby anymore. We caught up and reminisced about the memories we have. She made me boot socks and I love them. It was such a perfect visit. Karyn always makes me feel loved and important and special. I'm extremely grateful for our friendship and even though we live far away now we have spent the time to keep in touch!!