Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Seeing Santa

Visiting santa this year was perfect. Ten minutes before we were about to go Mason needed to make santa a present. I scrambled to find something he ended up coloring and adding stickers to this snowflake ornament as he declared "he's going to love it!"
We drove to moscow building supply and Mason was first in line. He said  "I will go walk up to santa, give him his present and tell him he is my best friend and that I love him and that I need to sit on his lap and ask for a train and smile for my picture." And sure enough that is exactly what he did. Santa was a little stunned. I told him it was the other kids' turn and he hopped down after a hug and santa said "you forgot your ornament" and Mason called back "it's for you silly!!" 
I love this bold crazy child and so lucky to call him mine. And glad we have another mantle worthy santa picture to remember this Christmas by!!

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