Saturday, December 13, 2014

November mas man

Fun times in November. Lots of fun doing together since I stay home with him. I am loving it. My house is clean, I have more time to craft, and I play all day with my favorite little man!

Dog napping on the dog bed. 
Asleep with his mustache binkie upside down. 
Turkey hats. 
Passed out. 
Trying on all the pretty bracelets at old navy. He said "what do you think? Pretty right?!"
Hanging out in the dog kennel. Crazy kid. 
So proud of himself for doing all his puzzles. He worked so hard on this for the past few weeks. 
Always building trains!
Watching teen age mutant ninja turtles with bandit. 

Eskimo Mason. 

What a fun month with my favorite two year old. 

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