Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas card 2014

The Mattoons in 2014
Luckily this year went by really fast
Because it was one we didn't want to last 
Travis was gone at basic and AIT, 
First at Fort Jackson and the to Fort Lee. 
We went to see Travis graduate,
Only 12 long weeks was all we had to wait.  
South Carolina is where we got to fly;
Perfect trip in every way, so hard to say goodbye. 
We all survived another 10 weeks and then,
We were back together again. 
Travis graduated with honors too
Serving our country was something we are glad to do. 
Mason and courtney swam multiple times a week. 
Mason is a diving, breath holding, splashing little freak. 
Mason is two but wants to be older. 
We will be in trouble if he gets any bolder. 
Talks about guns, back flips and being three ,
He's chatty and friendly and happy as can be. 
He is obsessed with planes, fire trucks and trains.
He is all boy and has the looks and the brains. 
When Travis came home we bought a new toy,
A new yahamha roadstar motorcycle that brings him so much joy. 
He is working hard at Schweitzer Engineering,
A manufacturing assembler is what he is doing. 
Courtney completed a challenge for #100crafydays. 
She loves using her Silhouette and teaching people her crafty ways. 
Courtney worked at the CCCC until Novemeber. 
She made memories she will always remember. 
Now she is home enjoying a nice break,
Until the next adventure she decides to take. 
We found time to shoot our guns, but didn't camp once.
We enjoyed visits from lots of friends we love a bunch. 
And that was our year, so you know what we mean
When we say, "we look forward to a much calmer 2015"

Merry Christmas! Love Travis, Courtney, Bandit, Nala and Mason Mattoon. 

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