Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas morning.

We had a great Christmas morning. Mason was so excited when he went out and saw a tent and train table. He was even more excited once he started opening the wrapped presents. 
One of the funniest things was when he opened these sperrys from my parents he said "boat shoes! I always wanted boat shoes!" I have no idea why he said it but we were all laughing so hard. 

Travis wanted this coat all year. He was very excited when my parents got it for him. 

Mason was loving the new bridge that came with the table. 

I got these silly Jammies from my family. My sisters got the same. Twinsies!! 

Mason got lots of turtle stuff. He got a few clothes and all the action figures from the movie plus the van. He also got the DVDs of the original episodes. He also got a few books, a tunnel for his train and a tent and tunnel. Spoiled boy. He said at the end "I'm so glad I'm on the nice list" he sat in his tent and played while we cleaned and made breakfast. 
I got a coach necklace, teal hunter boots and new sheets from my mom and dad. 
I got ariat boots and motorcycle boots, a carhart vest and a few things for my silhouette from Travis and Mason. 
Travis got a coat, car jacks and a new cellphone case from my family
Travis got a bunch of Kevin Costner movies, a Braves hat and Garth brooks CDs and a sling shot from me. 

All  the gifts we gave went over well. Texting and facetime throughout the morning made it great even though we weren't together. 

I had no idea how much of a mess having our own Christmas would be. Lots of trips to the dumpsters and organization was needed the rest of the day. And playing with our new stuff!

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