Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Golden Birthday Bash

Travis turned 24 on the 24th of January so this is called a "golden birthday" since i don't remember mine (I was 5) I vicariously lived through him and went all out.

The weekend started with Texas Roadhouse. Travis' favorite steakhouse. He ordered a fancy steak and he could cut it with a fork. I got the ribs at 2 and Travis finished those off too!
Here we are with Tom, Mindy and Nicholas

Then we went shopping and got some great deals. Travis ended up bringing home seven new movies and a new video game. I got a new coat at old navy.

The next day we had the party. Travis went to Tom's while i decked out the apartment in decorations and cheezy birthday favors. We even personalized the party hats! It was a lot of fun!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cricut Cards!

So if you don't know what a Cricut is I will tell you. It is a personal die-cut machine that has these cartridges that create letters or shapes at a touch of a button. Basically they are amazing!!
So I got to work today and made cards!! I also made some samples to send to my sister in laws and my mother in law. They are big into scrapbooking and card making!
Here are the cards I made today.

These next pictures are of the actual Cricut. For those who are curious of the size of the cricut here it is. Also the picture of the key pad. They come off and go with each cartridge. Then you just select the size and what you want and Voila cut and your ready to glue!

Donated Hair!

I thought I would share a picture of my hair I chopped off. It was 8.5 inches and Pantene accepts hair 8inches and more so I am going to donate it to them! I am really excited to share my hair with those in need.
Also here is a picture of how i styled it this morning. I am going to get some product tomorrow. I love it.

New Stuff for a new year

So yesterday I say "I freaking hate my camera. We definitely need to invest in a new one soon." Travis' response "I have a really nice one! You can just use mine!" sure enough he has a nice camera from his mission that actually takes clear pictures, has red eye and a self timer and holds a charge. It has just been in our Laundry Room collecting dust! So I am happy to show off some new pictures!I made travis play with the "new" camera with me!


Yesterday I got a CRICUT!!! I found it on Craigslist, brand new, the lady got it for Christmas and knew she'd never use it so she sold be over 500 dollars worth of cricut stuff for $145!!! I was so excited. I made tags with my friend Mindy in like 5 min!
You have to see this baby in action!

Travis is cooking right now. Making us Chilli Dogs. Travis got a new game from his dad that he plays all the time. Call of Duty. So now I can be crafty and while he plays. I am going to try and make a craft once a week. Since I get home from work at 5. I am also "helping" Travis take Book of Mormon, Family Foundations and Capstone Foundations.

And my new calendar from came! I love it. It is the Collage Calendar. I definitely recommend it. If you are looking for a cute calendar to make they got them... and they are 35% off right now!

So there is this weeks update.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hair cut!!

For my end-of-student-teaching-present my 2nd grade teacher gave me a day spa package that included a massage, pedicure, manicure, haircut, facial and tanning! I was so excited. Today i got to get my hair cut. Anyone in the Eastern Idaho area you NEED to go to Retreat Day Spa. I love my hair cut. The environment was awesome! It is in Idahofalls right by the mall. Their visit their website here

Here are the Before and After
I had enough to donate! YAY

And the Back!

Its the shortest i've ever had it but i love it! and the bangs haven't had those since 8th grade. Its a nice change!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shout out to Travis

Wow. I just have to document this. I get home and the house is completely spotless. Travis had cleaned our whole place while i was at work instead of sleeping. It was the best surprise of the day, week, month, YEAR! wow
I also am going to start doing some more crafty things and posting it on my blog. I have about 3000 things bookmarked to my computer and need to start checking them off. So wish me luck and check back to see the crafty things i've made!
Also i want to start cooking and making a meal plan. So if you have any EASY recipes you don't mind sharing send them to!

Travis loves school, I love work. Life is good.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

news from the mattoons

Today was the first day of Classes in Winter 2010 semester. I finally feel like I graduated because I didn't go. I went to work. I love my job. What a blessing it was to get it!!

Travis LOVES his new classes. (sigh of relief!!) He is so excited for his coaching classes and he found out that one of his classes will actually give him a certification to be able to coach conditioning!! So that is pretty neat. I think it is going to be much happier around here the next couple months!! Which is always a good thing!!

Another thing i love about my job, there are two adorable labs that the owner brings in everyday (more room outside and in the warehouse to run) I love dogs!

Travis is sleeping (worked last night and then had class from 8-1) and I am having Reeses puffs for dinner!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Card Poem!

The Mattoons in 2009
Wow another year has gone by.
This whole decade seemed to fly.
We look forward to a brand new year.
A lot of changes are happening without any fear.
Courtney died her hair back to brown,
After 5 years of blonde, she loves it down.
We worked extra hard during school,
Study, study, study was the house rule.
We survived working and school all rolled into one,
but in our spare time we tried to have fun.
Courtney Graduated and now has a Bachelor’s Degree.
A special education teacher, she can now be.
Travis will have his AA this semester, which is great.
He is looking for a coaching internship and cannot wait.
In July we moved to a new 2 bedroom apartment and love it.
We even had room for a brand new red washer/dryer to fit.
Courtney’s sister Clara moved in for the fall.
She was great, we really didn’t mind it at all.
We saw our families multiple times throughout the year.
We enjoyed it so much, it brought us great cheer.
All and all we are surviving each day.
We living the dream what can we say.
We love all our friends and family so much.
Please enjoy this New Year and keep in touch.

Leave your Address in the Comments if you want a New Years Card... sorry i am late i'll regret it if i don't do it!! Better late then never