Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Card Poem!

The Mattoons in 2009
Wow another year has gone by.
This whole decade seemed to fly.
We look forward to a brand new year.
A lot of changes are happening without any fear.
Courtney died her hair back to brown,
After 5 years of blonde, she loves it down.
We worked extra hard during school,
Study, study, study was the house rule.
We survived working and school all rolled into one,
but in our spare time we tried to have fun.
Courtney Graduated and now has a Bachelor’s Degree.
A special education teacher, she can now be.
Travis will have his AA this semester, which is great.
He is looking for a coaching internship and cannot wait.
In July we moved to a new 2 bedroom apartment and love it.
We even had room for a brand new red washer/dryer to fit.
Courtney’s sister Clara moved in for the fall.
She was great, we really didn’t mind it at all.
We saw our families multiple times throughout the year.
We enjoyed it so much, it brought us great cheer.
All and all we are surviving each day.
We living the dream what can we say.
We love all our friends and family so much.
Please enjoy this New Year and keep in touch.

Leave your Address in the Comments if you want a New Years Card... sorry i am late i'll regret it if i don't do it!! Better late then never


hi said...
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Opal said...

ha ha. this totally reminds me of high school. i love it. and you. and i'm so glad that you are happy!