Sunday, March 1, 2015


I can't believe it's almost been 5 years since we moved to Pullman. It was so nice to drive back through rexburg and see Christie and her sweet family. I stayed in her craft room and basically drooled over her beautiful space. And of course dreamed all sorts of creative dreams. Ha ha. 
Mason loved Isabelle. She let him touch her instruments. He watched movies with Parker and loved Marley their giant rodisian ridgeback. 
I was so surprised how much has changed in rexburg since we've moved. I did enjoy a visit to down east, porters and the di. Christie also treated me to my favorite pizza buffet and cocoa bean cupcakes. It was definitely nostalgic. I showed Mason the temple and where we  used to live. We also went to Wolfe lighting to show Mason the lights which he loved and see Brad. Later we went to Seth and Kirsten's and met cooper and tucker. 

Mason started not feeling well so we had to cancel some of our plans. Christie was so sweet to help me with him. Poor guy. I was worried about the drive home but it went well. Thank goodness. 
I spent about 65$ in gas. Pretty incredible. I love my prius. 
1561 miles, 30 gallons of gas, 6 bathroom stops, 5 temples seen, 4 car sick pukes, 3 beds shared with mas,, 2 long drives and one awesome week. It was such a great trip. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Anna's house.

While in Utah I was super excited to go to Sandy to visit Anna. I could have stayed with her and her cute family for a week (next time!!). Mason got some fun cousin time, we had awesome talks and got to do a little craft too. 
Sarah came with her kids to visit and have lunch too. It was a perfect visit. 
Anna took me to World Market. It is such a fun eclectic store. I loved it. 
Anna has always been such a great example to me and this visit was no different. She is a great mom. It was great to see our kids play together too. And Cecily played her violin for us which was incredible. 
I made cc and Cora matching infinity scarves. Too cute. 
These two turtle lovers had a great time together. Mason shouted out the car window as we pulled up "oli I have mydonny shirt on!"  It was too cute. 
We used my silhouette to make gold dots on the girls bedroom wall!
We took the kids to an indoor park at the mall. They had a great time and Mason was copying all of cc's cheerleading/gymnastics moves. 

Group shot of these fun kiddos. 
And a pic of Anna and I. I will have to come visit again soon! Especially since her baby is due next month!!

Finishing up our Utah trip

The trip was so fun but we were rushed to finish all I wanted to do. 
After I came back to SLC I watched Owen so Karyn and Nathan could go on a date. When they came back, Karyn and I went to meet Heather at a friench bakery called Gourmandise. It was delicious. I ordered an eclair and a cream puff and lots of macaroons. It was delicious. I've always loved heather like a sister so I was so glad she came up from Provo to visit. 

The next morning we went to church with Karyn and after church we packed up to drive to rexburg. It was hard to say goodbye. we had so much fun!!

This is how best friends give hugs. A giant hug tackle. They were both cracking up laughing. 
Karyn is such a sweet, kind, loving and generous person. I can't imagine my life with out her. She is always making me a priority even though we are apart. She is the best!!
And one final silly thing Mason wanted me to get in this car all week so I finally did and was so glad I didn't get stuck. Ha ha

Thanks Karyn for the super fun trip. We love you!!!

Temple square.

I was so excited to see temple square and show Mason. I had been there before but it was over 5 years ago. 
And kelsie jones met me there too which was awesome. 
Mason loved the statue of Christ. He was so reverent and happy. He also said "Jesus has a scar just like me". It was precious. Kinda the same. 

The guy in front of us took his picture like this so it was pretty funny to see him do it. 
It was a super proud mommy moment watching Mason tell what was going on in all the paintings of Jesus's life. And then down stairs naming different Book of Mormon prophets and telling their stories. 
I was looking all over the the iconic stand people are always standing on to get pictures by the temple. I couldn't find it anywhere but got this one instead. I later found it and thought it was just funny that it was on the other side. Definitely a "tourist" move. 

SO great to see kelsie. It had been 5 year since I had seen her so it was so great to catch up and spend some time with her!!
Mason loved the water fall on the conference center. I was glad it was well fenced ha ha. 
He did get in one of the fountains. Didn't catch him in time. But luckily I was just a few seconds behind so I did stop him from going all the way in. I know he would have. Silly kid. Can't resist. 

Thursday in Utah.

Thursday was a busy day! We went on a hike in the morning to ensign peak. And played at the park. Then went to temple square (it's own post) then took pictures and then went swimming. The kids slept amazing that night!!

Selfie at the top of the park hill. 

Trespassing to get this shot. I really wanted to see the view but it was blocked off. So I ran while Karyn turned the car around. Rebels I know. Ha ha. 

We had a great time at temple square and took amazing pictures. And then loved swimming. Although I definitely got my work out. They had a literal "within arms reach rule". They came over and said I needed to stay closer to Mason and said "because you can't touch him of you stuck out your hand" he was like 5 feet from me. It was a bit rediculous since it was beach entry and Mason knows how to swim. But I was chasing him the rest of the time. At one point he told me to stop following him. It reminded me of dory "the ocean ain't big enough for you" super glad Pullman isn't that strict. 
The pool was super warm and Mason was beet red after. 

Tracy aviary

On Wednesday we went to the Tracy aviary. It is only a dollar on Wednesday. It was a bird zoo basically. 
We had fun walking around exploring and the weather was wonderful!!

Crazy how much bigger these bird are!!

Mason said "yook I'm zazu" ha ha "I've got a yuvy bunch of coconuts" ha ha

This giant vulture was crazy entertaining. And huge. 

We sent this picture to Travis. Mason said "Daddy yuvs Eagles" It's true. 
There was so much to watch and see and do. 
They had all these birds so you could see how big or small you are compared to them. 

These two are so cute together. Little buds. 

Mason and I were eaten by a pelican. Hee hee. 
Mason by the "feengos". He said they were Clara's favorite because they are pink. It's true again ha ha. 

These owls were the coolest. 
Mason also chased around a peacock wich he kept calling a pea-hawk. He said "wait for me" and "I'm gunna get you". He never caught it but it was pretty funny to watch him try. 


After going to the west side for $25 round tripd I couldn't resist going salt lake to visit Karyn. Gas prices and weather and not working was all aligned and so I packed up with mas and took off for Salt Lake. 
It took us 11 hours and three stops. But it wasn't all that bad (besides Mason puking from being carsick) and the weather was great and we made great time. We did stop in fruitland, nampa and Jerome (all only an hour apart) but then made the rest of the way without stopping. 
We left at 7am pst and got there at 7pm mst. We were happy to make it and lucky to stay with the Nash's 

The next day we played and went shopping. It was so much fun visiting all the places I wish we had in Pullman! 
Mason loved the potato heads and called this one grandpa or chuck ha ha both have mustaches 
Karyn lives in university housing and there is a playground right outside her door. Mason said "Utah has the best new fun parks!"  So silly. 
Loving the double carts at Costco!
Mason needed a picture in front of target because it is "grandma's favorite store"

We made the plan for the week and caught up with each other. I was so glad we went! Totally worth it!!

February photos

I can't believe February is almost over. It's been a quick month. We didn't do anything too exciting at the beginning of the month. But we finished off the month with a trip to Utah! Here are some fun times we had in February and then utah posts will follow. 
Mason and I watching the super bowl! We were sad to have the Seahawks lose but we loved the appetizers and the action of the last few minutes!! And Mason loved the Katy perry half time show. 
Mason and paisley are always doing the cutest things together. 
Mason really wanted to go swimming. And he got all ready for it all by himself. 

Paisley invited Mason over for a sleep over... It only lasted a few hours but it was sure fun to have a movie night while it lasted. 
We celebrated Gavin's first birthday. It was a fun party with paisleys cousins. And we went swimming after which was very fun. 
Sunday best. Mason got this little suit for Christmas from chuck and Renee. 

Wrestling and sleeping with dad. These two are best friends these days.