Friday, February 27, 2015


After going to the west side for $25 round tripd I couldn't resist going salt lake to visit Karyn. Gas prices and weather and not working was all aligned and so I packed up with mas and took off for Salt Lake. 
It took us 11 hours and three stops. But it wasn't all that bad (besides Mason puking from being carsick) and the weather was great and we made great time. We did stop in fruitland, nampa and Jerome (all only an hour apart) but then made the rest of the way without stopping. 
We left at 7am pst and got there at 7pm mst. We were happy to make it and lucky to stay with the Nash's 

The next day we played and went shopping. It was so much fun visiting all the places I wish we had in Pullman! 
Mason loved the potato heads and called this one grandpa or chuck ha ha both have mustaches 
Karyn lives in university housing and there is a playground right outside her door. Mason said "Utah has the best new fun parks!"  So silly. 
Loving the double carts at Costco!
Mason needed a picture in front of target because it is "grandma's favorite store"

We made the plan for the week and caught up with each other. I was so glad we went! Totally worth it!!

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