Friday, February 27, 2015

Finishing up our Utah trip

The trip was so fun but we were rushed to finish all I wanted to do. 
After I came back to SLC I watched Owen so Karyn and Nathan could go on a date. When they came back, Karyn and I went to meet Heather at a friench bakery called Gourmandise. It was delicious. I ordered an eclair and a cream puff and lots of macaroons. It was delicious. I've always loved heather like a sister so I was so glad she came up from Provo to visit. 

The next morning we went to church with Karyn and after church we packed up to drive to rexburg. It was hard to say goodbye. we had so much fun!!

This is how best friends give hugs. A giant hug tackle. They were both cracking up laughing. 
Karyn is such a sweet, kind, loving and generous person. I can't imagine my life with out her. She is always making me a priority even though we are apart. She is the best!!
And one final silly thing Mason wanted me to get in this car all week so I finally did and was so glad I didn't get stuck. Ha ha

Thanks Karyn for the super fun trip. We love you!!!

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