Friday, February 27, 2015

Anna's house.

While in Utah I was super excited to go to Sandy to visit Anna. I could have stayed with her and her cute family for a week (next time!!). Mason got some fun cousin time, we had awesome talks and got to do a little craft too. 
Sarah came with her kids to visit and have lunch too. It was a perfect visit. 
Anna took me to World Market. It is such a fun eclectic store. I loved it. 
Anna has always been such a great example to me and this visit was no different. She is a great mom. It was great to see our kids play together too. And Cecily played her violin for us which was incredible. 
I made cc and Cora matching infinity scarves. Too cute. 
These two turtle lovers had a great time together. Mason shouted out the car window as we pulled up "oli I have mydonny shirt on!"  It was too cute. 
We used my silhouette to make gold dots on the girls bedroom wall!
We took the kids to an indoor park at the mall. They had a great time and Mason was copying all of cc's cheerleading/gymnastics moves. 

Group shot of these fun kiddos. 
And a pic of Anna and I. I will have to come visit again soon! Especially since her baby is due next month!!

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