Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a very good Halloween. On Friday night we went to the Up All Night party at WSU again and watched a magician, ate Subway, went in a haunted house (Travis did, I waited for him) and carved pumpkins. Travis had practice tonight so I waited and we had pumpkin Papa Murphies. Yum!

Mason and his first pumpkin papa murphies

I was a skeleton this year. I made it with a freezer stencil. I was pretty impressed with my bone drawings. (idea inspired by Make it and Love it) 

I made a baby football helmet on him. I thought it turned out pretty cute. My preschoolers (and their families) really liked my costume. 
The dogs didn't get into the "howl-ween" spirit this year... either did Trav. At least next year I will have Mason to recruit! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Travis traveled with WSU football this weekend so I went pumpkin carving alone. It was a lot of fun and everyone's pumpkins turned out great. I was pretty impressed with my pumpkin. I drew it and carved it myself. Not bad!

My little pumpkin with his first pumpkin :)

Troy Craft Fair 2011

This year I did the Troy Craft Fair again. Last year, I did it with my friend Ashlee, but she moved :( but luckily my friends Chelsea and Danielle decided to do it this year. Unfortunately we weren't very successful. But our booth was super cute and we had fun.

Danielle and I made Preschool/Toddler Busy Boxes with 14 activities for little kids to practice colors, fine motor, letters, patterns etc all while keeping entertained. We have several left over if anyone is interested!

Danielle made hair bows and I made birds nest necklace. We didn't sell any... it was quite disappointing.

I also sold my friend Becky's Headbands and my friend Robin's hats and aprons. They weren't too lucky either.

Chelsea sold adorable headband/flower combos as well as hats and bow ties for little boys. She sold a few.
Chelsea's mom also came over from the west side. It was fun to have her (and he beautiful blankets) in our booth.

Overall we had a rough go around. It wasn't busy like last year at all. You win some you lose some I suppose. But if anyone is interested in anything let me know for sure!

There is always next year....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

25 weeks prego update

Since we like the name Mason we decided to call him that until we don't like it anymore. If that day doesn't come that is what we will name him. I really like it now. It seems more real.

Even more real is the pain I am in. Leg cramps twenty-four seven, horrible back pain, and now when he moves it feel less magical more like move again so you stop hurting me. I guess that means he's getting stronger so that's good.

I love being pregnant so I try not to complain but man the weight it what has been killing me. My skin is very stretched and feel like I have a heavy back pack on my front that is pulling on my shoulders.

More positive note though is other people can feel or see him move now. Which I think is neat. And I actually look pregnant all the time now. Which I also think is neat. Although I still look at pictures and am shocked when I look at my ever growing middle.

I am loving licorice and caramel bugels. I went to the store to buy some snacks for the craft fair and ended up getting chips, licorice, almond M&Ms and bugels... a pregnancy craving trip for sure

Mason kicked liked crazy when I walked past the pumpkins so I bought him one and carved it last night. I thought it turned out pretty cute

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Prego update 23 weeks

I am definitely starting to show. I feel way bigger. I bump and spill on my new belly basically everyday. I feel the baby move and so can Travis... when he wants to.

I've been very happy lately. Travis and I are doing great, work and school is going great. We are both really looking forward to the holidays, baby showers and of course our little one joining the family.

We have been really thinking about boy names and nursery colors etc. We like the names Liam, Briston, and Meric. Then we thought of the name Mason and now that is our favorite. We are thinking brown and blue for the bedding and patriotic decorations like red white and blue. My mom is going to make the cutest quilt I can't wait to see what she comes up with! And my sister Clara is going to throw me a baby shower and I can't wait!

Side Note: My sciatic nerve is killing me! I can't get comfortable. Any advice?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nala's lady biz...

Our baby Nala Bear went in to get spayed this weekend. I was so worried. I was super emotional (I blamed the baby) but I cried when I dropped her off because she was thrashing and freaking out when they took her from me. But everything went just fine and she is back with us. The vet said Nala acted like we were never coming back. She just crouched in her crate and watched all night. She was so happy to see Bandit and I when we picked her up. She rolled on her back and licked his face and was whining. It was adorable. Those two are the best of friends. Now we just have to keep her from running, jumping and playing for the next 2 weeks. ha ha Anyone who knows Nala knows that is basically impossible. Sure enough even in the Vet she was jumping and wiggling like crazy. Hope it's a quick recovery.


I don't think a Saturday trip to Lewiston for Costco and Sonic could get any better....

Oh wait it can, When they mess up on your order and you get free drinks! 
Oh and when Travis leaves work to come too! Yippee!

Betty and Jack's 60th Anniversary

Travis' Great Aunt Betty and Great Uncle Jack have been married for 60 years! Their son and granddaughters planned a great party for them and we were happy we could stop by

Here we are with Travis' Grandma and Grandpa (mom's side)

Here we are with Betty and Jack. We are hoping the baby will be born on the 5th of February because that is Uncle Jack's Birthday!

I-D-A-H-O Idaho Idaho Go go GO

Vandal Homecoming game has a parade every year.
The Chilldcare Center I work at walks in the parade.
Here is Lynn Chantelle Molly and Me and Bandit

I love Molly! Parades are our tradition. Last year she carried Nala the whole way. She was at the vet this year so she didn't get to go.

A birthday party for Val

I have this SUPER girlfriend named Valerie. We go way back to the Snohomish Stake and Girls camp days and stuff. 
Anyways she had a birthday and so we had a party!
An Appitizer night and a Carmel apple bar. It was SO tastey
We had caramel fondue
We had nuts, reeses, candy corn, choco chips and sprinkles

Here's the whole gang. We ended up chatting *and telling ghost stories* until 3AM... Party People!

The Girls! Chantelle, me, Val, Jaimie and Nikki

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Trav and I finally got some fun photos near the WSU sign! I was excited, Travis was tolerant!

Pups love Grandma and Aunt Chloe

Bandit and Nala LOVE Chloe and Grandma!

Grandma with the "grand-dogs"

Bandit and Chloe have a special bond! He is obsessed.

When mom comes to stay the girls will play!

WOW what a fabulous weekend. Chloe and My mom came for the weekend!!

I loved every minute. Not only because I was completely spoiled but I wasn't lonely all weekend. Travis tried to be around as much as he could!

What would a weekend with my mom and sis be, without food, shopping, and crafts!

We got the little man lots of new things! He is going to be SO stylish!

Speaking of styln' look at all the maternity clothes I scored from my mom as well! I am happy!

A trip to the fabric store was definitely in order!

And of course CRAFTING! we made pom poms and pillowcase dresses! We also picked out fabric and patterns for baby quilts and nursery! Hooray!

 Thanks mom for the well needed weekend of spoiling! Love you!