Saturday, October 22, 2011

25 weeks prego update

Since we like the name Mason we decided to call him that until we don't like it anymore. If that day doesn't come that is what we will name him. I really like it now. It seems more real.

Even more real is the pain I am in. Leg cramps twenty-four seven, horrible back pain, and now when he moves it feel less magical more like move again so you stop hurting me. I guess that means he's getting stronger so that's good.

I love being pregnant so I try not to complain but man the weight it what has been killing me. My skin is very stretched and feel like I have a heavy back pack on my front that is pulling on my shoulders.

More positive note though is other people can feel or see him move now. Which I think is neat. And I actually look pregnant all the time now. Which I also think is neat. Although I still look at pictures and am shocked when I look at my ever growing middle.

I am loving licorice and caramel bugels. I went to the store to buy some snacks for the craft fair and ended up getting chips, licorice, almond M&Ms and bugels... a pregnancy craving trip for sure

Mason kicked liked crazy when I walked past the pumpkins so I bought him one and carved it last night. I thought it turned out pretty cute


Anna said...

You look so darling Court!! Your belly is perfect as will mason be!! I sure wish you were going to be in WA when sarah and I go with our kids.

Shari said...

Sorry you didn't have better success at your craft fair. Everything looked really cute and the prices were more than reasonable.
Lovin your baby bump and you did do an awesome job on your pumpkin. I bet Travis was quite happy with it too. :)

Sam said...

I love the name Mason!

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