Sunday, October 14, 2012


I made Mason and paisley matching mummy onsies and they turned out great. I made paisleys with a bow to make it girly. Mason tried making the moves on paisley and she was not having it. Mason loves giving kisses. They are big and wet!
Tutorial from
Girly touch of the purple bow was my idea. I may or may not make paisley every girly thing I love when I wish I had a girl!

Mason loves my glasses

Mason always grabs my glasses and I hate it but he looks pretty cute in them at least.

Favorite part of teething

Snuggles! Now if only I could catch his little tooth on camera.

Seven years ago

I popped out of a suitcase and won homecoming queen

When I was a senior in high school I won homecoming queen. Crazy huh?!? Well I was on the Voted onto the court by my class with 2 other girls. Then we were presented in an assembly and I came out in a suitcase. We didn't tell anyone but came up with the best idea for me to come out hidden in a suitcase, dress and all! My escort and hs boyfriend pulled me out to the middle looking into the crowd while people whispered 'is she in here' 'no way she's in here' 'it's courtney I bet she is!' then he put down the suitcase and unzipped it and I sat up and the crowd went wild! It was such a fun day. Later in the week the school voted me queen and we had the football game and dance and all that jazz. That started quite a trend at lshs and each year someone tries to come up with some 'entrance' (my sis came out doing back handsprings in 09) Crazy to think it's already been 7 years. My littlest sister went to homecoming this weekend and she was just gorgeous. Reminiscing for sure! Good times!


Mason always wears the coolest clothes. I love dressing my little doll. My mom sure loves to shop for our little man. She picks the best clothes! Thanks grandma!!

Mini t

Travis wore this outfit all the time when he lived in Alaska when he was a baby. His mom loved that we put Mason in it and I loved that she kept it so he could wear it!!

8 months old

Mason is now a wild man. He is pulling DVDs off our shelves, loving the dog bowls and the dish washer. Stands in his crib and is finally wearing 6-12 month clothes. He is loud and smiley and goofy. He makes crazy faces and always wants mama. He can sign "more" and "please" and understands "all done" and usually cries and throws a fit when I sign it. He loves soft blankets and sleeps with his bum in the air. I couldnt imagine life with out him!