Sunday, September 25, 2011

Relief Society Service, Dinner and Broadcast

Yesterday (after mutt strutt) I went to the church to help sew bibs and burrito babies for the less fortunate. It was a fun service project. The bibs were so cute and easy I'll have to make a few for this Baby BOY growing inside me.

After we had a dinner and watched the general relief society broadcast. If you missed it you really need to hear Elder Uchtdorf's talk "forget-me-not" It was exactly what I needed to hear. You can find it in two parts

It was a great day filled with fun, laughter, socialization and spiritual enlightenment.

2nd annual MUTT STRUTT

Last year we went so I called it a tradition that we needed to go. I was sad we had to ditch Volleyball but boy did we have a good time.

It is so fun to go out with friends, socialize, wear out the dogs and of course score some free swag!

Here are some fun pictures from the day.

On the way there! The dogs were very excited!

Here is the best group shot of the dogs. Ruby Kellum (black great dane), Cricut Smith (white and black mix dog) Bentley Clements (brown boxer/pit) Bandit and Nala Mattoon and Bronx Dunn

Nala and Ruby with matching bandanas I made *side note: while making I sewed through the tip of my pointer finger!*

My babies! They are so adorable!

Nala Bear, Me with Baby boy Mattoon Bump, and Bandman all in our coug gear

The whole group. The clements and Bentley, Mandy and Cricut, Marium and Sidney and Ruby, the Dunns and Bronx and Me with Nala and Bandit

Travis had to work as the Tournament Director for tennis. He claims that means the resident bad-a** for Tennis. They even moved the tournament to a bi-week for football so Travis could help. 

And here is a final shot of the dogs out the window on the way home.

Now if they don't make the dog park, at least we'll have another mutt stutt next year! ha ha

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Travs is excited

It is a BOY! We will be having a SON in February!
Here are some ultrasound photos
His little feet crossed

Bum Shot proving he is a boy... see the arrow

Laying on his tummy with his hand up by his mouth

Couldn't get the best profile shot since he was on his tummy but his heart and body look great!

It was so great to see everything and be able to find out its a boy! It really feels real now! And we can start planning for our little future football player!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


If any of you really know Travis you will read this quote and know that it is a perfect statement.

A couple of nights ago we were at a friend's house and the have this "universe of names" book. Well it was a perfect desciption of the man I chose to live out eternity with. I love him but really, we couldn't be more different. I sure do love him though. Head over heels. He has been very busy lately so I don't get to see him very often, so when I do I really feel lucky to have him around.  

I know that Travis never reads "our" blog but I really wanted to give him a shout out. He has been working so hard and just being awesome. Here are some things lately I don't want to forget.

Travis tried to surprise me at the church (but the activity wasn't there) walked all the way home, called, figured it out and walked all the way home instead.

Travis is actually really excited for Tomorrow *the ultrasound* and each day before we go to bed says "____day is over tomorrow is much closer to Friday"

He hasn't eaten tuna since I asked him not too.

He takes the dogs out even when he's been gone hours longer than me.

He politely told me the Football Oreos were a rip off so to just buy the regular kind.

He told me I wasn't fat when I was having a mental breakdown.

Everytime I freak out about something he gives me peace that it will be okay. He reassures me that I will be a good mom and that we won't have to get rid of the dogs and that my crazy weird dreams are not real. (yes those are my top three fears... in order... at the moment)

He has been giving me "sports lessons" because I refered to us as a "sports family" so he's working on making that a true reference.

He doesn't ask me to make him dinner at ten at night when he finally gets home.

And because we are such good Bob Marley fans... this is deep! Courtney and Travis Mattoon, by the Great Bob Marley

Yay for happy marriages and eternal families!
Tomorrow we find out if it is a baby boy or girl growing inside of me so stay tuned!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Church V-Ball

I played Volleyball with my ward on Saturday. It was really fun! The baby was safe and I felt it move so I think it's going to like sports. Here is the awesome team photo we all posed for. I have the best ward right now! I love relief society and all of the activities we have! I am so blessed to have great friends

20 week add in

I felt the baby last night. I haven't felt it very consistently but it was moving around a lot. At one point I felt it kick 3 times even with my hand on the outside. It is definitely Travis' stubborn baby (worried already) because the silly fetus stopped as soon as Travis touched my belly. It even moved for the dogs. They've been so interested in my belly lately. Bandit sleeps with his head rested on my belly bump every night.
Also we saw a model of the baby at the one of the fair booths. It was crazy! It fit in my hand. The lady said several twins have been born at 20 weeks and have lived! Crazy!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Prego Update 20 Weeks HALF WAY

Crazy that I am 20 weeks. It doesnt feel like I am half way but probably because half of that half I didn't even know I was pregnant.

I am feel good. Just achey by the end of the day and after laying all night. I started a yoga class so hopefully that will help my back

I found a cute website how to "dress the bump" and I thought lots of ideas were really cute.

We find out if it is a boy or girl on Friday the 23rd and I am SO excited!

So what do you think it is? A boy? Or girl? We are hoping for healthy!
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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Ten years ago I was laying with my mom in bed before school and we got a call from my dad that we needed to turn on the TV. The rest of the day was spent watching and praying that everything would be okay. I was only in the 8th grade but its a day I will never forget. I am proud to live in the land of the free because of the brave.

On of my favorite blogs had this photo on their blog an offered this free printable. I will be printing it and hanging it up soon. 
I love America. Travis loves America. We love and our grateful for those who serve. We are proud to be Americans!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Filled Labor Day

My friend Molly was in labor all labor day-- literally. I was not in birthing labor but I did have a whole list of things to do and was so proud of myself when I was all those little check marks appeared. The truth is in the list!

 I was really proud of myself for 2 reasons. One, When Travis is not home I don't have much motivation to do anything, I lay around and wait for him to come home. Unfortunately he is gone a lot lately. And Two, "Productive Courtney" and "Pregnant Courtney" don't really get along that well... not very often do they work together.
Oh and another proud moment was when I picked these off my plant. I grew them! They are delicious and there are still plenty more to finish ripening! At my preschool our beans, peas, carrots, sunflowers and corn are also still growing and alive! Not to shabby!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A very hungry caterpillar party

One of my best friends has this son, that just turned one. I was so excited she wanted my help to plan a party. Being a teacher I thought of all sorts of book themes. She liked the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle best so my creativity went wild! It was such a fun party.
We had some inspiration from Pink Pistachio but she doesn't share her labels so I designed them by scanning pictures from the book. I don't know how to file share but if you're interested i could e-mail them to you.
First the food. I "designed" the labels and my friend made all the food.
Here are the cupcake toppers and "On Saturday" label

For his own cake I designed this banner

As you can see the food was amazing and super tastey. It was so cute to serve what the caterpillar "ate"

For decorations we did a catterpillar banner

And timeline of all the months of his first year
We read the story to the kids with a story telling kit, and the kids played pin the head on the caterpillar and colored pictures of the caterpillar.

 We made butterfly take home favors. full of candy. It was a great party and I loved helping plan it!