Thursday, September 22, 2011


If any of you really know Travis you will read this quote and know that it is a perfect statement.

A couple of nights ago we were at a friend's house and the have this "universe of names" book. Well it was a perfect desciption of the man I chose to live out eternity with. I love him but really, we couldn't be more different. I sure do love him though. Head over heels. He has been very busy lately so I don't get to see him very often, so when I do I really feel lucky to have him around.  

I know that Travis never reads "our" blog but I really wanted to give him a shout out. He has been working so hard and just being awesome. Here are some things lately I don't want to forget.

Travis tried to surprise me at the church (but the activity wasn't there) walked all the way home, called, figured it out and walked all the way home instead.

Travis is actually really excited for Tomorrow *the ultrasound* and each day before we go to bed says "____day is over tomorrow is much closer to Friday"

He hasn't eaten tuna since I asked him not too.

He takes the dogs out even when he's been gone hours longer than me.

He politely told me the Football Oreos were a rip off so to just buy the regular kind.

He told me I wasn't fat when I was having a mental breakdown.

Everytime I freak out about something he gives me peace that it will be okay. He reassures me that I will be a good mom and that we won't have to get rid of the dogs and that my crazy weird dreams are not real. (yes those are my top three fears... in order... at the moment)

He has been giving me "sports lessons" because I refered to us as a "sports family" so he's working on making that a true reference.

He doesn't ask me to make him dinner at ten at night when he finally gets home.

And because we are such good Bob Marley fans... this is deep! Courtney and Travis Mattoon, by the Great Bob Marley

Yay for happy marriages and eternal families!
Tomorrow we find out if it is a baby boy or girl growing inside of me so stay tuned!!


Shari said...

Okay that poem almost made me cry. Totally made me re-evaluate me and Dale. Thanks for reminding me why I fell in love with my man so many years ago. The fact that he puts up with me should be reason enough. lol

Can't wait to hear if your be sporting pink or blue. :)

Katie said...

But the football oreos are SO cool! :) haha. Good luck at your ultrasound! I can't wait to find out! :)

The Winns said...

I love love love that quote. Thanks so much for posting. And have a great ultrasound! You're first video and pictures of your little one!!