Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Filled Labor Day

My friend Molly was in labor all labor day-- literally. I was not in birthing labor but I did have a whole list of things to do and was so proud of myself when I was all those little check marks appeared. The truth is in the list!

 I was really proud of myself for 2 reasons. One, When Travis is not home I don't have much motivation to do anything, I lay around and wait for him to come home. Unfortunately he is gone a lot lately. And Two, "Productive Courtney" and "Pregnant Courtney" don't really get along that well... not very often do they work together.
Oh and another proud moment was when I picked these off my plant. I grew them! They are delicious and there are still plenty more to finish ripening! At my preschool our beans, peas, carrots, sunflowers and corn are also still growing and alive! Not to shabby!

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Molly Jo Stark said...

haha! this cracks me up. And seriously...I didn't realize how LITTLE energy I had while pregnant until I had the dang baby! Who knew I would have more energy afterwards?!