Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or treating 2014

Mason was old enough to really look forward to and understand Halloween this year. He was so excited. 
Mason needed "a black hat because real firemen where black hats. Red hats are for pretend firefighters" and he wanted to be a real fire  fighter. Actually he says "fighter fighter" it's adorable. He originally wanted to be a fire truck but I was able to  convince him to be a fireman instead. 

I added his name on the back of his coat (just like the real thing" and on his helmet. 

Chris and Jim bought him the fire man costume because we couldn't find anything over here. We also loved the water pack that actually shoots water. I found a hat he would be able to keep and use longer for dress up and such. 

Chris and him came all the way from Seattle to help me take Mason trick or treating. (Which sounds more like "tickle teeting" when mas says it). It was so fun and I'm glad they came to help out. Masons a wild man!

Silly grandpa Jim Jim wearing mason's hat. 

Fire guy shooting water

Mommy and Mason
Walking to go play games at beasley coliseum. 

Such w cutie. 

Mason sat down at face painting booth and said "I want a kitty" when the lady asks if he wanted a cat on his cheek or become a cat. He said "I want to
Look like a kitty with a nose and three stripes" he knows what he wants ha ha. He also kept calling himself a fire kitty. 

I told him to stick his head in the hole and he stuck it all the way through. It was halarious trying to help him understand ha ha. 

When Mason saw Butch he shouted "butch! You're here trick or treating! You look like the big bad wolf" so funny. He didn't want to leave him alone. 

Then we went to Dinner with Chris and Jim at fireside. We ordered bltae (bacon lettuce tomato avacado egg) sandwhiches and the came out with no bacon then masons burger was pink. So it was a just alright. 
Then we said farewell to them.  

At the end of the night we visited Chandra and Paula and Kortnee and Ryan. There were a few other people we tried to visit but they were out. Mason loved trick or treating but I'm glad we only went to people's houses we new because he just walked right in at each house. So silly. 

Mason got a whole bag of candy by the end of the night. Between a milkshake and several pieces of candy and was bouncing off the wall for hours. It was so much fun!

Halloween party 2014

With Travis working swing and all of our friends moving away we couldn't have our traditional Halloween party. I was pretty bummed until I realized I could have one with Mas. I asked him who we should invite and he named like 5 adults. Ha ha but I helped him think of some kids to invite too.
We played pumpkin bowling, wrapped up like mummies and pinned the bow tie on the skeleton. Then we decorated cupcakes and had our annual jack O lantern pizza. 
Mas and Jace as mummies. 

Cupcakes are good!!

And messy. 
The whole group. Pretty decent picture for a bunch of kiddos under 5. 
Cousins! Love them. 

And paisley and Mason. 😍😍😍
Kortnee and I after the party. Super fun but totally worth it!

Visiting lewiston.

We went to lewiston for the first time in a while. We went to Costco, the park, lo Lo's for new guns and a couple other of our favorite stops. Including the train park and fazzari's pizza and icecream. 
We only have the weekend to spend as a family so we need to make it count!
Mason found these gnomes at the gun store (target sheet) and said "yikes grandma will not like these. They are creepy and scary"

 Ha ha
Watching them make pizzas at fazzari's always entertains mas. Which is great because it's always packed in there. 

Locomotive park In Lewiston.  Aka train track park according to Mason. We bribe him with this baby everytime we come to lewiston. Golden. 

And a great way to end a fun day shotzee pizza from fazzari's. The only sour krout I like. 

Sushi master

A friend from work Kortnee invited me over for a sushi making party. It was awesome and pretty simple and tasted amazing. 
I was so proud! And it was super fun!

Also funny story about that night. Mason was with me and watching a show while we prepped the sushi. We were taking pictures and Ryan was trying to be a sushi master. Emily then said "um Mason is naked" sure enough Mason had taken everything off! Just dancing necked. Emily was like "we need to start over. I need to delete these pictures so I don't go to jail" so fun!

October nutshell

I'm so glad I live in a world with Octobers. Anne of green gables. 

Masons imagination has really taken off lately he is always imagining things and making up stories. I love when he uses objects for something else like a block for a phone or in this picture a tipped over rocking horse as his car seat in a rocket ship. He also turns on our fireplace and pretends to put out the fire. 
Mason got in and played in this for a long time. Easily entertained. 
Sunday best! He was saying he was going to be a ladies man. He also said he looked like the prophet and the bishop and uncle buddy and chase. He also started laughing and made a joke when he said he looked Like uncle Eric who didn't even wear a suit to his wedding 
Masons looking stylish in his new 3t clothes. I swapped out all his clothes. I gave most of his 2t clothes to a friend. She was so happy and grateful. She even gave me a gift card to sugar britches. 
I made this ninga turtles blanket. He needed a bigger blanket because ever since my mom came to visit he's been sleeping on the futon. I rearranged his room and put the toddler bed in the closet and now he has so much more room for activities. Ha ha
Cute boy in his new clothes. Cute mama in her new dress. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sleep over with grandma

Mason was so excited to have my mom come and have a sleep over with him. He cleaned his room all by himself to get ready. First we had dinner at Cougar's country drive in for burgers. Then came home to watch frozen. 
The next morning we went out to breakfast at the breakfast club for cinnamon roll pancakes. Next we went to the farmers market and to the consignment stores and the toy store. We went to the mall and Joanns and to the grocery store. All our favorites. We went to the pumpkin patch and then did a craft for Christmas. It was such a great weekend. She left Sunday morning. We are so glad she made the drive!!

Sleep over!

We love when grandma comes!!

Reading at the book store. 

Can't wait until we get to see her again!!

family photos 2014

last weekend we got our family photos taken by Kira Miller. She is my friend at church that just started her photography business Photo Affect Photography. She did a great job and I love how they turned out. And best news is she will be around for a while as her husband is in school! yay! Ejoy'