Friday, October 31, 2014

Visiting lewiston.

We went to lewiston for the first time in a while. We went to Costco, the park, lo Lo's for new guns and a couple other of our favorite stops. Including the train park and fazzari's pizza and icecream. 
We only have the weekend to spend as a family so we need to make it count!
Mason found these gnomes at the gun store (target sheet) and said "yikes grandma will not like these. They are creepy and scary"

 Ha ha
Watching them make pizzas at fazzari's always entertains mas. Which is great because it's always packed in there. 

Locomotive park In Lewiston.  Aka train track park according to Mason. We bribe him with this baby everytime we come to lewiston. Golden. 

And a great way to end a fun day shotzee pizza from fazzari's. The only sour krout I like. 

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