Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mom and sister visit!

I love when my family comes to town! My sister Clara and mom visited this weekend and we had a blast! We went shopping and out to eat and best of all they kept me company while Travis was at drill! It was great going to the farmers market, down east basics and going grocery shopping to fill our cupboards!! 
I love my mom. She is the best mom and now grandma!! She is always sacrificing things for our happiness. My sister and I are close and she loves being an aunt! I'm so glad she took time out of her busy life to come over!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fair season!!!

One of my favorite things about the Palouse is fair season. Pretty much all September there is a fair in driving distance!!
I knew Mason would love the fair because he loves animals. He loved them. He wanted to touch everything and climb in every pen! He loved the action and ran around looking everywhere smiling and saying "hi" to everyone. 

He loved watching the 4-h ers walk around with their animals. Most were more than patient and let mason pet the animals. 

The baby goats were soooo cute!!

Driving the toy tractors

Sitting on the big tractors. 

Yelling at me to "go away" he wanted me away from him silly boy

Driving the tractors like grandpas!

And a re-create from last years sexy tractor pic. Minus Justin. They belong on a farmers not calendar ha ha

Nayt, sawyer, Jaimie and I (and mason and Travis) watching the rodeo. Mason got pretty board at this one because there was about 45 minutes of national anthem, parade, sponsor and rodeo queen introductions. 

We love a good (free!!) fair. Already looking forward to next year!!

"Lifting" weights with daddy!

Mason is such a copycat right now. He does everything we do! Including lifting these weights Travis uses when he works out. Including breathing loudly like he does!

Dammed o' rodeo

We finally made it to the Lewiston round-up!  For the last three years we've wanted to go and finally remembered and got tickets and it worked out! Mason loved it. I wish I could replay the moment the horses ran out. Mason's eyes lit up and he clenched his fists and cheered/squealed with excitement. It was the happiest little moment. He enjoyed the entire show. We loved watching the bulls and I loved the rodeo clown! It was the perfect weather and we all wore a little pink for "tough enough to wear pink night". They donated a dollar for each person who wore pink and ended up donating like $2,700 to curing breast cancer! 

I love my little cowboys!!

Bed heads

Uh oh. Mason got stuck between the bed and the foot board one morning and it was hilarious watching him try to get out! 

At separate times Nala and bandit snuggled in the blankets too and looked so cute!


Mason is the silliest baby boy I know!! But he's not really a baby anymore!!

Reid Family Photos 2013

When we were visiting the west side we got family photos taken by Wishful Thinking Photography. Our family friend is the owner/photographer. She did a great job.
I love my family!
My brothers Christian and chase 

My sisters Clara and Chloe

All of us
Our Family

Travis and I

 My whole family
   I love them so much!

Friday, September 13, 2013


Mason ran to Travis with three socks and stuck out each foot one at a time and then his hand. He then work his "ocks" for the next few hours. Silly boy

Mason also loves wearing bracelets and necklaces. He finds anything and puts them on. Hair ties, headbands, stacking rings and even mine or Travis shirts or shorts (just around his neck through one of the holes) 

New bike!

We bought mason a strider bike! They are kids training bikes that don't have training wheels. They learn to run pick up their feet and glide while they keep balance. Then they just transition straight to the two wheelers. Mason has had an obsession with bikes for a couple of months now and when my co-worker said her family shop (rolling hills bikes) sells them and that her son loved his we were sold!  He also got the cutest lion helmet!  Mason walks around with it now saying "bike bike bike". He is growing up so fast!

Football with dad

It should come to know surprise that mason is a big football fan already. He will sit and watch an entire game with Travis. He screams go and ffffball the whole game. Cheering and then saying hat everytime he sees their helmets close up! Travis crawls around and passes mason the ball and they tackle and push. It masons favorite!!

18 months!

So this is pretty late but I wanted to document. 
Mason is 25 pounds!!
He is 

Dr mike said we "should be completely proud of our perfect boy". And we so are!!
Mason is all boy! Wild as heck and just so so busy!! He even runs in place instead of standing still!
He loves milk and we were asked to cut back so he'll actually eat other foods too. He loves animals especially dogs and horses. He makes the silliest back and pant when he sees a dog and has a very unique horse sound as well. More like a whine. There are horses in a field by our house and he loves watching them when we drive by. 
Bandit and mason are best of friend. Nala loves to play fetch with him
Mason knows probably 30 words and 29 signs but definitely loves saying mom dad dogs ball and cracker best. He can name all his aunts and uncles and friends too. Although doesn't like the "mason say ---" game. He basically refuses. Stubborn. 
Mason is so goofy and loves being the center of attention. He is over the top friendly and has no stranger wariness at all! 
Mason is definitely a mamas boy but I think that is mostly due to me working all day. 
We love our crazy Lil man!

Deep in the Piney woods!

Several weeks back we went camping. But not even car camping.. Backpacking!! And in hammocks not tents! Serious guys. 
We brought Nayt since he was wife-less and Nikki because she was husband-less. It was so much fun. We brought the dogs (plus Nikki's dog Anchor and Nayts dog Bronx) along for the adventure. We originally wanted to go to dworshack but decided to play it safe and go to a little more familiar of a place. Spring valley reservoir. We hiked back through the bird watching trails and we stopped to find the perfect spot. We were hoping for the stream to be running but it was dried up so the men had to go back to town for water. Travis was bummed because he really wanted to try out his water purification kit. But the reservoir water is very stagnant and pretty duck poopy. 
Anyways we loved sleeping in our hammocks, playing cards and eating dehydrated foods! Mountain house knows what they are doing! Ha ha. I was really proud of myself for hiking in with mason and our food and clothes on my back. Travis packed all our gear and dog food. Then on the way out he carried both for a bit! Superman!! What a great way to finish off our summer!

Nikki and anchor chilling in the backpacking tent
Travis napping with mason
Bronx and Nayt lounging 
Nala and bandits bed
Travis and mason sleeping in the hammock
Throwing rocks in the reservoir. 
Typical bandit. 
Nikki's spot for the weekend 
My set up!
Nayts set up
Travis' set up. Including his homemade under quilt and top fly. 
Mason enjoying a marshmallow
Part of the hike
Nayt and Bronx set to go!
A family of backpacker we are!

Nikki and anchor geared up an ready!