Saturday, July 28, 2012

New stroller

Chuck and Renee sent us a late baby gift a new stroller travel system. I love it!! Mason loves it. Thank you!!

Courtney and Eric's wedding

Travis' brother Eric got married to another 'courtney'. They have been together since before Travis' mission so she's always been my sister in law but now it's official. They got married at the ranch. It was such a cute lil ceremony with delicious food made by Chris my awesome mother in law. It was a great family weekend full of love

Quick trip to Seattle.

We hurried over to Seattle to see the family. Travis' brothers family was over there after the wedding so we figured Seattle is closer (and cheaper) than Texas so i took a couple of days off work and went over
Nala was making herself comfy on the way over
I tried on my wedding dress post baby and it still fit. 4 years and one baby later and it still fit!
We went swimming and went on the wave runners. We went shopping and mason got lots of cuddles and kisses

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jump around

He loves it! Pure joy
Thanks grandpa Scott

Nom mom nom

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Farm dog

Nala had this piece of wheat in her mouth for a good hour. She loves to rub around the ranch.
Bandit barked and barked at the cows and eventually herded them down into the draw.
Our lil pups love the country life

Jeep milestone

The jeep hit 106000 miles and I watched it switch. There are a lot of memories in those miles and I'm grateful for our jeep. He feels a bit left out lately since we've gotten the truck. He is also super glad the paper out is over.

Rice cereal.

Mason tried rice cereal with breastmilk and wasnt throw biggest fan at first. But he finished the bowl eventually with no gagging or spitting. I licked the spoon at the end and it was nasty! Wow. I want to give him bananas next! I can't believe he will be 6 months so soon!!

Chuck and Renee

All our marriage I have heard stories about 'Chuck and Renee'. They are Travis' parents best friends for the past 30 years. They live in charolette nc so we've never met. But it was well worth the wait. They are hilarious and so generous. Chuck tells the best stories and Renee is just a sweetheart. I was so glad to meet them finally but man it sucks to say goodbye.


Mason has three cousins ( Travis' oldest brothers kids) and he finally got to meet them. They live in Texas. He sure loves them!!

So cute

Being so cute gets me out of trouble... Especially when I sport a faux hawk

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy fourth of July

Love our all American boy!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Progression pics. 5

Five months old

Mason is five months old and cuter than ever.
He makes me smile everyday. I wish I could be at home but we have special bonding time each evening. He gets so excited when mommy comes home!
He can roll to get places now and usually rolls and twists to get a better view of the tv. He loves the dogs and is reaching for them all the time. They are still really careful with him
He recently hates the carseat. He arches his back and cries. It breaks my heart.
He is so strong and loves to stand and jump and take steps
Everything goes in his mouth
He is still 100% breastfed and that makes me proud
He is still in 1-2 size diapers from costco and just grew out of 0-3 month clothes still fits in 3 mon and can wear 3-6 month clothes too
He loves to FaceTime his family and smiles and reaches for them
He smiles and will go to everyone but keeps a close eye on me.

Monkey love

Mason has a lot of monkey things. We even called him monkey Mattoon before we decided on mason. So it's no surprise he love his monkey toy! Thanks jordy!

Mason can make anything look cute!

Thanks Denise for the sweater and hat! Hope it still fits when it gets chilly!

Opal's first temple trip

I went to spokane this weekend to go through the temple with my best friend opal. It was so wonderful and the spokane temple is so small but so peaceful and beautiful. It was bitter sweet to see ops though because it was te last time I will see her before she moves to Minnesota. We have lived close the last 12 years. I have officially been opals friend for half of my life. That is so crazy. I'm so proud of her but will miss her so much!

Also Travis bought some cowboy boots.


These two HUGE hawks were on the spider web ( that jungle gym) when I got to work! They were easily the size of bandit!

0-3 month clothes

My lil peanut is five months old and just now is getting too big for 0-3 month clothes. Lucky us he just gets more use out of the clothes! I get to see him in these cuties even longer!