Sunday, November 10, 2013

A day at Chandra's.

My amazing boss loves Mason. She offered to babysit so we could see a movie or go to dinner. We gladly took he up on the offer. We went shooting and to lunch instead though!
Chandra took these pictures of their day together!
Mason loved " jumpin"  He wanted to go back out after we came to pick him up. He talked about it all day!!

He loves all the balls at Chandra's house!

And crashed at the end of his fun day!!

We are so grateful for our jobs and the connections it gives us. We are lucky to have great people in our lives!

"Reading" to Bandit

Mason loves his dogs and they love him. His new favorite spot to sit is this mat by the kitchen sink. (It's squishy). The other day I caught him reading a book to bandit. It was adorable. 

Dino Mason

I post lots of pictures of mason at "school" because he is there so much! Also because he has amazing teachers that send me pictures of him so much. It is the best!
Mason has started the cheezer smile! He is a goof! (This is his new sweatshirt. He loves the raccoon!)

One morning mason went early with Travis while I went to a networking breakfast. He spent the morning with Braylin under crystals desk! So cute. 

First snow!

Maosn got to experience snow for the first time this week. He hasn't been old enough in previous snow falls. He LOVED it. He is a little snow bunny already. He was rolling in it. And throwing snow balls and of course eating it!!! I was glad we got up early to so his before school. And isn't he just adorable in his new snow suit!?!
Luckily the snow only lasted a day. We get to enjoy fall a little longer until the snow really starts to fall!

Nap time with Gramzi

The Mattoon side doesn't like their picture taken much but I am determined to capture moments with them. Mason fell asleep after a heard day of playing at the ranch. He was out!

School pictures fall 2013

My baby is growing up fast. I love this school picture of him. He is getting so big! Love his dimples!

He has grown so much even in just 6 months or so. Here is his picture from the spring. 

Fall weather.

I love the fall. Even when it only lasts a few weeks. I love the colors and the smells of the changing weather. We have gotten outside with friends as much as we can before the snow comes.
We bought mason this little tikes truck. It is perfect for him (and tiny paisley) to drive around in. It even has a small bed and a tail gate. 

Here is mason playing in the leaves at school with his other friends. 

Happy fall!

Harry potter party

This Halloween I finally excuted the Harry potter party that was years in the making (and accomplished my first goal on my 101 list). It was the perfect party. For details of the decor food and props you can see my craft blog. 

We sent invites telling everyone to dress up. I was so excited everyone did. We used a sorting hat (and an app on my phone) to decide which house you'd be in. We had amazing food. Then trivia and a Horcrux hunt at the end. It was seriously so fun!

I was so glad Nikki helped me with the decorating and Jaimie did the trivia. It was a great Harry party on every level!
Mason made the perfect Dobby house elf. I made his costume. It was adorable

The kings were Malfoy and Bellatrix, the Dunn's were a Dementor and Professor Trelawney, the Chase's were Professor Quirrell and Moaning Myrtle and we were Snape, Hermione and Dobby. Ashley was a student and Paisley was a mermaid and Nikki was Luna Lovegood. 

Have you seen this wizard?!?

Sorting hat!

This is definitely going to be a tough party to beat! It is one of the top favorite parties I've done for sure!

Trick or treating

Chandra and I took mason trick or treating inside at the Beasley collusieum. I was so glad I did. It was warm and fun and he got plenty of candy. I forgot my camera but the next morning he was on the ASWSU Facebook page. So it was a perfect pic. Clubs and frats/sororities set up booths with games and activities and candy. Mason caught on very quick how to get the candy at each booth. He'd say "treat please" with a huge smile. At one booth they had a tire hanging and a football and mason put it through the tire then ran and got candy. He did it about three times before I stopped him. It was adorable. He gave the guys high fives and bones. He ran around like he owned the place no fear. It was so cute!
A little boy at the center said " my mom let us knock on people's doors we didn't know for candy" when I asked the mom about it she said she felt horrible because he kept saying "we don't know them mommy" and she was like "its fine we can eat their candy... But only today" ha ha. 
Happy trick or treating. 

Work Halloween party

One of the best parts of working at a preschool is celebrating the holdiays! Halloween is so fun to watch the kids dress up. This year the teacher were super heros. We had a tutu making party a few weeks ago to go with our costumes. 

Here is my friend Kortnee and I in our tutus. 
Mason and I at his class party
Masons buddy Braylin and mason holding hands! Her mom, crystal and I are good friends and work together at the center too!
The "super" staff of community childcare center!! (Travis is super brawny man)

And a whole group photo!

Go football!

This is the boys favorite way to watch football. Mason will sit with him and watch the entire game. Most games we record on the Hopper and then watch and fast forward. But a few we watch live mason yells " more football" the whole commercial break!!