Sunday, November 10, 2013

Harry potter party

This Halloween I finally excuted the Harry potter party that was years in the making (and accomplished my first goal on my 101 list). It was the perfect party. For details of the decor food and props you can see my craft blog. 

We sent invites telling everyone to dress up. I was so excited everyone did. We used a sorting hat (and an app on my phone) to decide which house you'd be in. We had amazing food. Then trivia and a Horcrux hunt at the end. It was seriously so fun!

I was so glad Nikki helped me with the decorating and Jaimie did the trivia. It was a great Harry party on every level!
Mason made the perfect Dobby house elf. I made his costume. It was adorable

The kings were Malfoy and Bellatrix, the Dunn's were a Dementor and Professor Trelawney, the Chase's were Professor Quirrell and Moaning Myrtle and we were Snape, Hermione and Dobby. Ashley was a student and Paisley was a mermaid and Nikki was Luna Lovegood. 

Have you seen this wizard?!?

Sorting hat!

This is definitely going to be a tough party to beat! It is one of the top favorite parties I've done for sure!

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