Friday, October 24, 2008

Something to think about

McCall got me addicted to reading this EXTREMELY inspirational blog!! i mean it i am obsessed. But anyways one of her posts was an "I am proud list." At first you might think that it is not good to be "proud" but after reading this post i realized that you should be proud of yourself when you accomplish things and you shouldn't be afraid to admit it. I think that we are all unique and we need to show it off and not hide it away so others don't see it. We need to embrace it. That is going to be a new goal. And with that new goal i came up with my own "i am proud list" So here it goes... they are in no necessary order

I am proud that i was worthy of a temple marriage and that i married someone who equally loves me back.

I am proud that i have deep compassion for those with disabilities and am proud of the patience i have to work with them.

I am Proud that i was born and raised in the church and lived my life as a "molly mormon"

I am proud that i won Homecoming queen because i was nice to everyone and that i wore a modest dress to set the example.

I am proud to be a leader not a follower

I am proud to say that i vote and care about political issues and our nation.

I am proud to be a future teacher in America to help the students in my class succeed.

I am proud to be an AMERICAN and am proud of my rights.

I am proud that i am getting my degree before me and travis start a family so were prepared for whatever happens.

I am proud to a wonderful compromiser no matter how hard it is to give and take.

I am proud to be from the West Coast. Seattle wha? wha!

I am proud of how strong i have become and how independent i am (even though it wasn't until i was married that this really happened)

I am proud to admit that i know there are more important things in life then having clean dishes and a spotless living room.

i am proud to say i am a good friend and i try really hard to make people feel welcome and happy.

I am proud to be the Enrichment leader in my ward and plan activities to strengthen the sisters in my ward.

I am proud to be a wife, aunt, sister, daughter, niece, sister in law, daughter in law and grand daughter

I am proud of my updated blog and my homemade journals and photo albums.

I am proud of my listening ears, serving hands and caring heart.

I am proud of my many talents and skills no matter how small.

AND most of all i am proud of my self in making (and sharing) this list!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Diaper cake

So my cousin is having a baby shower next weekend. I was so excited because i finally had a reason to try and make a a "diaper cake" I was so happy the way it turned out.
All you do is roll the diapers and tie it with a rubber band.

Then put your rolls together to make 3 tiers to the cake.

Then cover the edges with baby blankets.

Finally add finishing touches like sock roses and a stuffed animal topper and ribbon!!

so fun!!

My friend Cham makes them better and she sells hers. so if you are interested check out

Monday, October 13, 2008


So a girl in my ward had this connection to a lady with an apple tree with extra apples so we went and picked TONS of apples. It was so fun and they were free so we got a TON!!! so all day sunday I had my friend whitney over to and we made homemade apple sauce, an apple pie, and an apple cobbler. they turned out SO good. we pretty much filled every piece of tupperware and pierex i own. YUM I felt more like a wife this past weekend then i had the past 10 months!!