Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy valen"times" day

Celebrating with my favorite people. I taught in school. Preschoolers love vday cards. It's silly. Then went to Ashley's so mason could see his Lil date. Paisley looked so cute in her heart shirts. Mason's shirt said "I'm a ladies man" pretty cute but I admit not as cute as last year.
Travis and I went out to red bento the next night and it was wonderful. The orange chicken is new and is fantastic and converted Travis so I'm super happy about that! Happy vday friends. We sent out some cards to family and I thought they turned out great! Thank you Pinterest.

One through twelve! Progressions

I am so glad I actually did this each month. I can't believe how fast this year went. He's grown so much!

12 month progressions

Didn't post them but I got them finished almost a month ago. Love this little boy of mine!!


Duck dynasty with dad is a great way to end the evening! Everybody happy happy happy

Finally some sun

We went for a walk and used the stroller! We had a great time walking dogs playing catch and hanging with friends!! Can't wait until summer!!

Laundry basket play

I love watching mason play and explore new things everyday. He is playing with the dogs more and is interested in his toys. But still loves the DVDs and controllers!

Monkey blanket

Mason loves his monkey blanket! Jordy a good family friend bought it for him and it helps him sleep. I love it.

Moms work!

Mason loves my work!! He visits everyone and runs every where! He loves his new room. It's called the Dino's! He is the youngest by about 10 months. The kids all call him baby mace! At my lunch I come and get him and take him to my room or office for an hour. It is only Wednesdays for now but it sure is my favorite!!

Actual first birthday

On masons actual bday I surprised him by taking off the rest of the day after lunch. We went shopping and went swimming. He love love loves swimming. Pullman has an awesome little swimming pool that is warm like a warmer hot tub. We swam for an hour! And paisley and Ashley joined us! Then after Jaimie and Nayt came over with a bday trip. I love mason so much and am so happy he is MY one year old!! Also it means he can come to my work for daycare starting tomorrow!!

Masons monster bday party

I'm way late in posting about his bday party but it was on Martin Luther king day since I didn't have to work I thought it'd be a great day to celebrate our little guys firs bday. I needed to go all out for him because sometime I feel bad that I'm not a stay at home mom. So I threw myself into each detail to kinda prove I could do it even though I work. I hope when he looks back over pictures and blog posts hell know I loved him!! My mom was always the best at that. Anyways here are the pictures my friend Karyn Nash took. He sure loved the cake!!