Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kulm family reunion

We went to a family reunion for the day. It was a great time. I took a couple pics of mason with my family. My aunt Shari did a great job planning the food and fun. I wish we could have stayed longer!
We love the weekends. Next week my friend opal is going to the temple for the first time. Then the following week Travis' brother Eric and Courtney are getting married. Hopefully after that we will go to seattle for the weekend. Hopefully the summer weather will be here to stay!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

IV iron infusions

I spent Wednesday friday and will spend Sunday in the hospital this week. I know right when will it end! I went to the hemotologist last week to discover my iron levels have crashed once again. My iron levels were down to 7. 10-12 is anemic so they are dangerously low. After waiting a week for the insurance to approve we got set up and I spent 10-6 in the hospital being hooked up to 1600mg over three sets. I was very nervous because there are some awful side effects ( coma heart attack, death etc) i read a lot of people compare it to chemo. But im doing great i got some burning so they had to slow down the drip and its been fine. They are long and boring. It actually looks just like diet coke! I am so lucky to have such amazing friends. Jaimie Josie and Rachel watched mason and Travis and Ashley and Jaime came to keep me company. I really an so thankful for their support. They sent me photos of my little guy to brighten my spirits. I can't believe all that has happened to me but my love for Mason just keeps on growing. I have unlimited love for him and am so grateful to be his mamma. Now hopefully these treatments will work and it will be my last visit to the hospital for a very long time.

Model baby

He does it again. Josie made this for him and I am in love. He looks so good in knot ha ha. Josie won Travis over with baseball themed buttons!

Even his Whiney face is cute

Told you...

Shantelle's wedding

Last weekend we went to a friends wedding. Mason was so cute. He loved the disco ball and was pretty much mesmerized. We went with my friend from work alisa and her two kids. After a work training, the ceremony and the reception we were pretty tired by the end but it was a beautiful day!

Hi there

Mason is getting far too familiar with what to do when the camera comes out. What a photogenic lil guy

Working with aunt Rene

I live that Travis' family loves Mason and are so willing to help us out. Travis' aunt took Mason to 'work' He looks like he enjoyed himself! It made my day to get these pics at work! I wish he could come help me teach some preschoolers a thing or two

This week

My little man loves to look around, roll and is starting to play by himself and the dogs. So darling

Four more four month collages.

Gosh he is growing cuter everyday!


Over the past year I was so lucky to teach a little autistic boy in my preschool. He had quite the start in my room. I remember her dumped all the paint, ripped down posters and emptied the block shelf within minutes! But by the end he was speaking in full sentences, independently serving himself and going to the bathroom. I really love this little boy and am so proud of him. It reminds me the importance of inclusion and patience everyday.
When Ellen went to take the picture he kissed me on the cheek. Total cutie.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Four months!

Mason is four months old
He smiles at everything and everyone
Can roll and sit when supported
Lives being outside
Loves the water and the grass
Can take an hour long bath
Started babbling mostly sad stories. He's a very dramatic babbler

Four month progression pics

Here is a mini timeline of mason to see he really is growing :) I love my little peanut!

Hartley's bday party

Lil girl loves elmo and Mason. So what is better than mason dressed in Elmo ha ha so I made this shirt and her little dress.

Visiting opal

We were lucky to meet up with opal for some lunch at olive garden and also to meet her new boyfriend. I love opal and it had been so long. We are really going to miss her when she moves to Minnesota!!!

Great grandpa Orville.

Mason has big shoes to fill to fit in grandpas chair :). I love this picture of Mason and his great grandpa.

Living on a ranch

We love spending time on the Halseth Ranch. So much to do. The dogs love running around. Travis loves working out there. I love pretending I could be a farm girl. And mason looks adorable in carharts. He also learned to sit in the grass which he loves! Also naps with grandpa make for a great day!

Who loves a truck?

I wish someone would have told me how difficult it would be to got to work and school and have a baby with only one car! we tried to ignore it but it's been so inconvenient so we've been looking and finally found a Dodge Dakota Truck. It's got a full back seat and actually has more room and better gas milage than our jeep. I love it andTravis loves it (its a stick) and the Dogs love the back!