Friday, June 1, 2012

Living on a ranch

We love spending time on the Halseth Ranch. So much to do. The dogs love running around. Travis loves working out there. I love pretending I could be a farm girl. And mason looks adorable in carharts. He also learned to sit in the grass which he loves! Also naps with grandpa make for a great day!


Rodger said...

A ranch might just look like a wide piece of green land, but there’s actually a lot to do in it if you open your heart to the place… Very much like little Mason. It is also a good environment for him to grow up with – fresh air, relaxing background, and active playmates, which come as dogs. :P That’s a very cute grandpa-grandson moment by the way. :)

Rodger Ciliberto

Darren Lanphere said...

Uhh...Mason looks so cute with his beanie on, not to mention, it's full of reindeers, Courtney. :) It won’t be long before he plays with the dogs in the grasslands. :P Mason’s very lucky to have such an open space to play around in and grow up in.

Darren Lanphere