Thursday, July 31, 2014

B knock you yours

Binoculars sounds a lot more fun when mason is talking about them. We went to the ranch and he used grandpa Jim Jim b-knock-you-yours to watch the deers. It was a lot of fun to see his excitement. 

Happy birthday 'Mercia

We had a great fourth! I made mason a shirt again this year and I made myself a headband and scarf. 
We love our freedom so much and are proud to live in this wonderful country. And although it's a sacrifice we feel privalaged to help protect those freedoms. 
We had a BBQ with the Cherrys, Travis' parents and courtney and Eric at our place and then went to endicott for their firework show. It is totally worth the drive!!

Mason wasn't ready for sparklers this year so we opted for glow sticks. He loves them!
mason loves gramzi!!
Mason and Chris and Jim 
Kisses for gramzi!
The Mattoon's and the Cherry's. 
Mason loved the fireworks. At first they played the national anthem and started mid way so it startled him. But he quickly loved them! And then he cheered more and more. Endicott does such a great show. And it's never too crowded. 

Happy Fourth of July!

July 2014

The beginning of July I went back to work full time. It was a rough transition but we got through it. Also Travis left for three weeks for annual training. So it was another busy month. 

Travis (with masons help) fixed his truck and gave it an oil change!
It was very hot. Mason and bandit lounged around a lot. 
Going back to work is easier on aquatic center days when the whole center goes swimming at moscow's water park!
Mason and t getting truck parts. 
Got my hair cut and colored again. Love it. 

Mason got a hair cut too. I had to bribe him with 4 marshmallows. 

Mason in the month of June

Wild bed head. 
Cleaning up nice for church. He wanted bandit in the picture. 
Loves that fire man helmet. 
Muddy buddy's and a hair cut!!

New army clothes from chuck and Renee. 

We laughed about this for a long time. 
Bandit it ran away. When we finally got him back mason gave him a big "hug"
Eating "wapples" is his new favorite. 

Sunday best. This time with nala. 
Wearing daddy's motor cycle helmet backwards. 
Bowling is our new thing. We got a summer pass and mason invites everyone to come with us. He always asks "do you like bowling?" He also tells you all the rules of bowling. Like you have to use the bowling shoes, no running after the bowling ball and be safe ha ha
Mason wanted to show off his new trick. 

Bubble baths!!

Hope you enjoyed mason in the month of June!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Feeding ducks

We had a great time feeding ducks at sunny side park. Some were even baby ducklings. 

Opal's visit!

My fresking best friend opal came to visit all the way from Minneapolis. I was so excited. She made her way across the country visiting our friends in Utah rexburg etc. and I waited paitent for my turn!! It was the perfect weekend (and perfect timing since I started back at work after!)
I showed her all my fav places. We went to casa to eat, made chicken squares, went to the farmers market (and bought matching spoon rings) and to storm seller. 

Mason loves "my opal" and so he made sure he got plenty of attention. We went bowling and to the park to play and feed ducks. 
We hated to see good bye but she needed to go to the last leg of her trip! Visiting lake stevens!
Opal has been my loyal friend since I was 12. It's been the best of times as she's been there for everything. Love her so much and I'm so lucky she came to visit!!

Motorcycle shopping

Travis bought a motorcycle. It's a yahamha  road star 1750. I think ha ha. 

We did a lot of shopping before we found it. Like a lot if shopping. Mason was hard to entertain. But we tried on lots of helmets ha ha his tiny body cracks me up

We finally found "the one" at hells canyon Harley. The dealer asked mason how old he was and what he liked. Mason responded "I almost three. I like guns and motorcycles" perfect response for a two year old. Oh dear!!
Mason and Travis new fav game is to ride around the parking lot taking turns who chases who. And you can find me following him in my car because he takes it everywhere we go. 

Now mason says he is going to grow big and sting so he can "be six and touch the pegs" that is the state rules for riders. Silly boy!

Visit with Jaimie

We were lucky enough to plan our trip the same time Jaimie Dunn planned hers. So we got to see baby sawyer and catch up. 

We missed them so much it was so great we got to see them!!

Uncle victor fire station

For months mason has been obsessed with fire trucks and uncle victor is a fireman and he is just the coolest. We made a special trip to getchell to visit the fire station. Mason loved every minute. He tried on all the clothes, pushed every button and was just grinning ear to ear the whole time. 

Victor gave him a hat and he wore it everywhere until it broke. Now he needs a new one, he tells me everyday. He is always looking through these pictures and says he wants to drive them with uncle victor!