Sunday, July 20, 2014

Motorcycle shopping

Travis bought a motorcycle. It's a yahamha  road star 1750. I think ha ha. 

We did a lot of shopping before we found it. Like a lot if shopping. Mason was hard to entertain. But we tried on lots of helmets ha ha his tiny body cracks me up

We finally found "the one" at hells canyon Harley. The dealer asked mason how old he was and what he liked. Mason responded "I almost three. I like guns and motorcycles" perfect response for a two year old. Oh dear!!
Mason and Travis new fav game is to ride around the parking lot taking turns who chases who. And you can find me following him in my car because he takes it everywhere we go. 

Now mason says he is going to grow big and sting so he can "be six and touch the pegs" that is the state rules for riders. Silly boy!

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