Sunday, July 20, 2014

Opal's visit!

My fresking best friend opal came to visit all the way from Minneapolis. I was so excited. She made her way across the country visiting our friends in Utah rexburg etc. and I waited paitent for my turn!! It was the perfect weekend (and perfect timing since I started back at work after!)
I showed her all my fav places. We went to casa to eat, made chicken squares, went to the farmers market (and bought matching spoon rings) and to storm seller. 

Mason loves "my opal" and so he made sure he got plenty of attention. We went bowling and to the park to play and feed ducks. 
We hated to see good bye but she needed to go to the last leg of her trip! Visiting lake stevens!
Opal has been my loyal friend since I was 12. It's been the best of times as she's been there for everything. Love her so much and I'm so lucky she came to visit!!

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