Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mason in the month of June

Wild bed head. 
Cleaning up nice for church. He wanted bandit in the picture. 
Loves that fire man helmet. 
Muddy buddy's and a hair cut!!

New army clothes from chuck and Renee. 

We laughed about this for a long time. 
Bandit it ran away. When we finally got him back mason gave him a big "hug"
Eating "wapples" is his new favorite. 

Sunday best. This time with nala. 
Wearing daddy's motor cycle helmet backwards. 
Bowling is our new thing. We got a summer pass and mason invites everyone to come with us. He always asks "do you like bowling?" He also tells you all the rules of bowling. Like you have to use the bowling shoes, no running after the bowling ball and be safe ha ha
Mason wanted to show off his new trick. 

Bubble baths!!

Hope you enjoyed mason in the month of June!

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Charlene said...

Mason is such a cutie. Love the updates