Monday, April 26, 2010

I am a Godmother!

My best friend Mindy had her baby last week! She had to have a C-section after being in labor all day long! We waited at the hospital for most of the day (Wednesday) and ended going home when nothing happened. Poor Mindy but she was such trooper. Madison was finally born later that evening and was 8 pounds exactly and 21 inches long! She had underdeveloped lungs (since she was 2 weeks early) so she spent a couple of days in the NICU. We got to visit her there but couldn't hold her. But she is home now and the Thorn family is doing well and loving life. How could they not love that baby face?!? I love her already! I can't wait to see her and hold her again! I am lucky to be a Godmother!

Stay at Home Couple

Travis and I are jobless and not enjoying our Stay at Home Lifestyle. We are bored.

Last week before my family came to town we deep cleaned the apartment. And I mean Deep. (I spent 4 hours cleaning the kitchen). I discovered the power of "Mr. Clean Erasers" and there is no way I am ever cleaning the oven, fridge, shower with out one agian. It is incredible!

We also finished decorating the apartment by hanging our new pictures and shadow boxes.

Having my family for the weekend was great. We enjoyed shopping of course and crafting! We went to Porters and Down East! My mom spoiled us so much! It was great. Our cupboards are full and we loved spending time with them!

I have been sewing and working on projects I haven't finished practically everyday. I finally updated my craft blog so check it out HERE

Finally here is a pic of us together (They come far and few between!) Travis smiled so I guess I can't complain that his eyes aren't off the TV.

Clara Is Back

My little sister is living with us again and I couldn't be happier! I love her staying with us! She isn't the biggest fan of Rexburg.

I tried to get a picture with Clara. She was sad to be in Rexburg but I got her so smile eventually. We love each other!

She is just so fun and we get along great (now that were older) and it's so nice to have her company.

I made her this minkee blanket and when we went to buy the material with my mom she said it will be so nice to lay on. Clara said "ya naked" so I took this pic. She's not really naked but we love being goofballs!

Pedis with the Bestie!

Before Mindy had her baby she wanted to get her toes done. She took me for a thank you for throwing her baby shower and making her crib bedding. It was so fun to have a girl's day!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I finished the Praxis! I felt pretty good about it even though I haven't taken a class since last July! My good friend Krystal and I took it together and we both are done with student teaching and I think we were the only ones there from our major that had graduated! We had a good time studying and having an excuse to hang out this past month or so. There were only 3 questions I had to completely guess on so hopefully that means I got the others right and passed.

Here are some tips for you that haven't taken the praxis.
*Find someone else who is taking it as well and study together. You can talk through problems and help each other
*Get a lot of sleep and eat a good breakfast
*Decide on a strategy on how you want to take the test. I did the written questions first and wrote down quick notes then answered them in full. Then I did the multiple choice. If I wasn't certain on the answer I circled the question and came back to it at the end.
*I had crazy core skittles in my pocket and popped one in my mouth when I needed a boost!
*Study techniques to reduce text anxiety as well as the topics the test covers. It helped me relax so much!
*Don't listen to rumors or talk to dramatic people before the test. It will just psych you out. Krystal and I talked about babies and crafts while we were waiting and then right before we started we motivated each other by reminding one another that we could do it!!
*Celebrate after with someone who understands what you just accomplished. Krystal and I left out hubbies at home and went to Twizel Berry together because we both knew how hard that just was!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Opal's Graduation

I am so proud of my freaking best friend Opal! She is officially graduated from Brigham Young University Idaho! I watched her walk and it was such a happy event. Hooray for her!

Travis is also done with the semester and his Associates degree! We are done with Brigham Young University and on to Washington State University for the fall! I am so proud of him and love him so much. It's been a tough semester and he is finally done. After taking 18 credits and working nights he definitely deserves a break!

Hooray for my two best friends all grown up and graduating from college and stuff!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Some days are bad

But some times a single picture can bring a smile to your face and everything is going to be alright.

I can't wait to see Abe (and my family) later this month!

and give this little one lots of loves!!

Laid off and Jobless

Today was an unlucky day.
I was let go from my job at TNT Satellite.
It is horrible timing (but like it is ever good timing right?!) But Travis looses his job next week too. (He works for the school but you have to take 12 credits to have a job at BYU-Idaho) So we are just out of luck.
SO if you know of some place that is hiring in Rexy let me know.
Prayers are welcome for our well-being.
I loved my job and don't regret it. I made a ton of friends at Wolfe Lighting and learned a lot of great office skills.
I am trying hard to be strong and am lucky to have such positive optimistic friends and family to cheer me up!
Until next time with hopefully better news... Love you all
and for your viewing pleasure.... My friend Christie's adorable dog Marley thinks he is a lap dog... A HUGE lapdog.