Monday, April 26, 2010

Stay at Home Couple

Travis and I are jobless and not enjoying our Stay at Home Lifestyle. We are bored.

Last week before my family came to town we deep cleaned the apartment. And I mean Deep. (I spent 4 hours cleaning the kitchen). I discovered the power of "Mr. Clean Erasers" and there is no way I am ever cleaning the oven, fridge, shower with out one agian. It is incredible!

We also finished decorating the apartment by hanging our new pictures and shadow boxes.

Having my family for the weekend was great. We enjoyed shopping of course and crafting! We went to Porters and Down East! My mom spoiled us so much! It was great. Our cupboards are full and we loved spending time with them!

I have been sewing and working on projects I haven't finished practically everyday. I finally updated my craft blog so check it out HERE

Finally here is a pic of us together (They come far and few between!) Travis smiled so I guess I can't complain that his eyes aren't off the TV.

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Ma Mere said...

Cherise whitney loves those magic erasers! She swears by them. Your appartment was extra clean when we came to visit!