Monday, January 30, 2012

Mason's birth story

Oh Mason's here and I wanted to share his grand arrival birth story. Its a long one so read it if you want. Or just look at the pictures..

I went to the hospital to be induced on Saturday January 28th at 6am after being dilated to a 2cm and having contractions every hour for a week. They set me up on pitocin at 7 and i waited to dilate.

We watched the entire two seasons of Modern Family during labor. It wasn't until 2pm that I was dilated to a 4cm so I got my epidural at 3pm. I loved the relief from the epidural! I will always get one!

Then they wanted me to labor down on my own so I waited until around 9pm and then I started pushing.

 I pushed for 2 hours and then needed to rest. The contractions were on the top of my uterus so they were still very painful even with my epidural. I took a nap for an hour or so and then pushed for another 2 hours.

He was getting close but I still hadn't got his head out. Dr. Adkins reccomended that we try the vaccuum. However when you use the vaccuum you can only use it for 3 contractions and if it doesn't work then you have to get a c-section. so as the surgerical team set up for both a c-section and the vaccuum I got him out!

He had his head turned so I was pushing out his head at an angle and thats what took so long. He also had his hand up by his face and his elbow hit a major artery in my birth canal. So as they gave Mason his tests and bath they stiched me up very quickly. I lost a third of my blood in a few short minutes.

But back to when he came out: He had a huge bump on his head because of all the pushing and being stuck but he was still so cute! They put him on me and I freaked out a bit because he was bloody. They were trying to distract me by saying "he has your nose" etc.

Clara cut the embilical cord. The embilical cord was a weird grey, purple color. I didn't look at the plecenta. Couldn't do it.

I was shaking like crazy when he came out from all the adrenaline I was scared to hold him by myself.

 I was too tired to try to nurse so they fed him in the nursery the first night.I was so happy he was finally here.

He got here at 2:51am almost 24 hours later. It was exhausting. It was so much worse than I ever imagined.

On Saturday morning I showed up restful and excited to have a baby... Sunday morning I was exhausted, starving and emotional.

I was so glad to have Travis, Clara, My mom and Jaimie there with me. They all stayed with me through the whole thing. Travis was the best and I couldn't have done it without him. He whispered encouraging things to me the whole time I pushed. I couldnt believe how strong I was and how well I did! I did it!

 I am completely in love with my baby boy. We stayed in the hospital until Tuesday since I lost so much blood. I got well taken care of by my nurses and even got a massage. Room service at the hospital is also delicious!

a few more random things I dont want to forget:
Travis said he will never say anything about me being weak again.
He also said being so sensitive is exhausting
I yelled at Jaimie to show my mom Mason's blanket out of anger from pain
I was so relaxed after my epidural... night and day
The anestiologist was mean and grumpy.
Worst part of the epidural was taking off the tape on my back... I am sure my back is hairless now!
One morning I ordered golden grahams, 3 chocolate milks, 2 cookies and... a half of bannana
I drank my weight in chocolate milk
I couldn't eat food after I got my epidural so I ate 3 jello cups and like 5 popsicles
As I was pushing I told Travis to get out, then threw up... Travis was dry heaving in the hallway
They held Mason upside down to get him to cry and breathe.
They asked Travis agian if he wanted to cut the cord or look at the placenta... he didn't change his mind
I broke my tail bone from all the pushing and it has been the worst part of recovery
Clara did an excellent job holding my leg
I loved my day nurse Lauren the best
My stomach was completely flat after birth.
Mason had the hugest balls after he was born and super long fingernails
Jaimie fanned me and Travis rubbed ice chips on my face when I was super hot and was in a panic because I was burning up.
Ice chips were my best friend
We had so many visitors on Sunday. It made me feel so loved

Mason with Dr. Adkins. Dr Adkins was an excellent doctor. I loved him.
He said he's never had anyone push for 4 hours... he said that was 1968 style
He also said when Mason came out he was going to say "congratulations you had a unicorn" but after such a long labor he decided my sense of humor might not appreciate that. I laughed when he told me though.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hospital Visitors

We were so happy to share our special edition with so many friends and family. I was so glad everyone could come see him. We got a few pictures of him and his first visitors

Grandma and Aunt Clara

Aunt Jaimie


Shantelle and Becky

Great Grandma and Grandpa Mattoon

Great Grandma and Grandpa Halseth
Thank you all who helped welcome our little guy to the family!

Super Bowl tradition

The Kliens had their annual super bowl party! I was so glad we got to go. It was Mason's first super bowl and he loved it. It was a great day filled with food friends and oh ya football. We finished off the night watching the season premiere for the voice season 2. Travis and I are hooked. Go team Blake shelton!


Baby Mason is finally here. After almost 24 hours of labor and 4 solid hours of pushing. 7 pounds 2 ounces 20 inches long. A little hair, big hands and feet and lips and nose just like mamma.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last pic of the pregnancy

Things I don't want to forget about being pregnant
After Mason dropped he kept trying to bring his hand down to his face. It felt really weird since there wasn't anymore room
I got 3 new beauty marks on my stomach and a really dark line but no stretch marks. I used BioOil almost every day
I was so uncomfortable the last few weeks... they were probably the worst
I had a huge rush of nesting right at 36 weeks and we donated half the stuff in our kitchen and organized every closet in the house.
I made lots for the the nursery while I was nesting too
I gained 28 pounds
I loved my maternity shirts and jeans. They are so comfy. The yoga pants from Motherhood Maternity are also super comfy
I loved taking bubble baths with aroma therapy bubble bath
My feet and hands never got swollen or big
Mason kicked so hard when I was in the bath he'd make waves
I had horrible heartburn the last month no matter what I ate, especially at night
I worked every day up until the day before I went into labor. I only missed one day when I had a horrible cold.
I used a heat pad on my lower back the last few weeks because it was constantly sore
I slept on my lunch breaks everyday for the last 2 weeks
Bandit and Nala loved cuddling with me and putting their head on my belly. Then sometimes Mason would kick them
I would rate my pregnancy a 3 out of 10... ten being absolutely horrible

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

from the mouth of preschoolers....

i was talking to a friend about the funny things my preschoolers say and wanted to record them so I can laugh about them later.

Today a few kids were arguing about
religion/ Jesus.
boy 1: Jesus is a ghost
boy 2: No he's not he was a baby
Boy 3: No guys he has a body just like me and you.
Boy 1; Teacher does Jesus have a body like (Boy 3)
Teacher: you will have to ask your mom
Boy 3: I did and she said he has a body
Random Boy 4: God is Jesus' dad

About my baby:
Girl: teacher Courtney when you're baby comes you'll be a mom. Are you sure your dogs want a brother?

Girl: Will you let us see your baby?
Me: When he comes I will bring him for a visit
Girl: K take him out so we can see him

Me: He is a boy. His name will be Mason.
Girl: No lets have a girl and name her Tangled

Girl: A boy!?!?! He can be friends with my brother! (her brother is like 4 months or so)

Boy: (after eating and pushing out his stomach) look I'm having a baby like teacher Courtney.

Girl: I asked for a baby like yours but my dad says boys don't have babies so he can't get me one. so I guess Santa can't either

Girl: My aunt had her baby and was screaming her head off because the head and hips were this big (showing me with her hands) and it took like longer than FORTY minutes

From my little esl kids:
The phrase "I do not like" slurred together to sound like I-do-na-like-a and then combined with random objects:
Nose running: I-do-na-like-a nose
wash hands: I-do-na-like-a soap
Bees by him: I-do-na-like-a bees
Sun shining in eyes: I-do-na-like-a sun

A while ago:
Boy 1: when I grow up I want to be as tall as you teacher Courtney
Me; No you want to be much much taller

Girl 1: When I'm 15 I'll have a boyfriend
Boy 1: When I'm 16 I'm going to drive
Girl 2: When I'm 17 I'm going to have a job
Boy 2: When I'm 18 I'm going to be a dad!
Me: No let's be a little older for that...

Girl: My sister loves Casa Lopez because she loves mexican, well the food not the people.

Girl: when is that girl coming back that has the dots on her face like tangled and red hair like ariel (one of the volunteers has freckles and red hair)

(after dancing) Girl: Teacher Courtney you look like ridiculous

Girl: Teacher Courtney I love you because you are so nice, not like my old teacher Ms ___ she made us listen and learn

Monday, January 9, 2012

37 weeks CRAZY

I cant believe there is only a little over 3 weeks until Mason's due date! Even less if he chooses to come early which i feel like he will. I am getting really excited although i wish i could skip the labor and the first couple days! i'm nervous really. But I'm ready to get my body back and to see what he looks like!
It feels so weird having him move because he has no room. he pushes from every which way. he is stuck on my right side. the doctor said he must not be very flexible because he shoves with his legs into my right ribs. he was more at an L shape instead of the fetal position. Just like Travis... he can't touch his toes
He gets the hiccups multiple times a day. I counted 8 times the other day
my doctor says he's measureing big but that i hide him well. the other day someone thought i was 6 months along instead of 8 and a half. Its annoying because I feel enormous and he is so stinking heavy.
I organized all his clothes and am working on his nursery decor. I will post pictures when it is all done.
I am still going to work and am doing pretty good. one infant should be easier than 20 4-5 year olds right?!? ha ha
any last minute advice would be wonderful :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A look at my goals

Instead of new years resolutions I have been working on a list of goals (101) to do in 1001 days. Here is a look at my progress.
1. Learn to drive in snow and ice
(I've been practicing this one)
2. Make a quilt thats not jean (twister quilt)
3. Participate in Just because gift Challenge
( working on it)
4. Make a tutorial for something I made
5. Get certified to be a teacher
6. Evaluate my goals monthly (yep)
7. Go on a date with Travis once a month (yep)
8. Bear my testimony in Church on Fast Sunday or Speak in Sacrament (complete)
9. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a week (complete)
10. Write Buddy on his mission every other week
11. Find a way to stay motivated
12. Run a half marathon or do a triathlon (not even close!)
13. Work out 3 times a week for 3 months ( not yet)
14. Write down 50 things I like about myself (not yet)
15. Get family picture taken every year (1/3)
16. Buy a CTR ring for my pinky finger
17. Mark at least one verse in every page of the Book of Mormon
18. Sell my crafts
19. Buy a necklace from Betsy Farmer (
20. Make bread
21. Organize my craft room by putting in shelves
22. Make a new Ironing Board cover
(Got one as a gift)
23. Pay off CC debt
24. Pay off Car
25. Pay off Court's Student loans
26. Create a binder full of "get happy" quotes, music, pictures etc to cheer me up when I'm down
27. Be a friend to someone I don't like
28. Get pregnant ( yep!)
29. Don't laugh at others expense. Stick up for them (working on it)
30. Help Travis graduate from the Sports Management program at WSU
31. Paint a room in my apartment
32. Go home 4 times (3/4)
33. Start a Journal of me and Travis’ relationship
34. Earn In-State tuition at WSU (complete!!)
35. Help Travis get a scholarship
36. Help Travis get an internship
37. Do something creative and cute (as a surprise) once a month for Travis
38. Make a list of characters in the scriptures and their attributes that I want to emulate
39. Evaluate my Christ-like attributes (in PMG) every 3 months
40. Host a party every 3 months
41. Host another Murder mystery dinner party
42. If possible breed Nala ( got her spayed instead.)
43. Make a craft once a week for 2 months and blog it
44. Train the dogs to spin, gravel, nod and high five
45. Pick a gospel topic to study each month to build a better testimony
46. Volunteer in a hospital if possible
47. Read the whole Conference edition ensign
48. Memorize the Temple Endowment
49. Attend a college sporting event ( lots!)
50. Get an album cover and name all my songs on Itunes
51. Make a difference
52. Finish my Doctrine Journal by adding D&C notes
53. Help Travis make a 101 goal list… maybe we’ll shoot for 10
54. Do a photo project from
55. Learn to Crochet
56. Identify 5 people who've made an impact on my life and tell them
57. Do my Visiting Teaching
58. Take a self portrait every day for 1 month
59. Go a week without complaining
60. Make a quiet book
61. Don't spend a dime for a whole week
62. Go to General Conference in Utah with Travis because he’s never been
63. Take the dogs on a walk to Moscow on the Chipman Trail
64. Repurpose a piece of furniture ( Jaimie's bday gift shelf)
65. Blog a little more every year (more than 85 in 2011) (complete for 2011, now for 2012, with a baby that shouldbt be hard)
66. Donate blood
67. Do something for a cancer sufferer
68. Go one week without using the internet
69. Answer the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind”
70. Make a blog button for my craft blog
71. Get WA plates and a WA Driver’s license ( plates complete)
72. Take pictures in a photo booth with Travis
73. Use the new features on my camera
74.Take a pottery class
75. Make a playlist of music to get me up in the morning
76. Buy something I really want and give it to someone else
77. Get a library card ( complete)
78. Write a letter to a general authority
79. Write 12 thank you cards a year for random appreciation
80. Cut vinyl with my cricut
81. Buy a new charm for my charm bracelet to represent my puppies
82. Go skiing
83. Label my books so I can bring them into my classroom
84. Be able to do 50 sit ups and push ups ( after mason comes!)
85. Organize photos on laptop and passport
86. Floss every night for a month (complete)
87. Read a motivational book
88. Go to a midnight showing of a movie
89. Wake up at the first alarm everyday for a month
90. Update my “person I want to become” list
91. Draw a picture for Chloe and mail it to her
92. Buy and use and address book ( complete)
93. Make 20 new resources for my classroom 10/20
94. Make a list of 100 good qualities and star the ones I have
95. Take a picture of me and Travis doing something once a month
96. Make a QVC/As seen on TV knock off
97. Document 100 things about me
98. Pay for the person behind me in a drive-thru
99. Take a trip to celebrate graduation/anniversary
100. Make a things to do with Travis list
101. Make another 101 list before this one is over

Here's to another great year of improving myself!