Wednesday, January 11, 2012

from the mouth of preschoolers....

i was talking to a friend about the funny things my preschoolers say and wanted to record them so I can laugh about them later.

Today a few kids were arguing about
religion/ Jesus.
boy 1: Jesus is a ghost
boy 2: No he's not he was a baby
Boy 3: No guys he has a body just like me and you.
Boy 1; Teacher does Jesus have a body like (Boy 3)
Teacher: you will have to ask your mom
Boy 3: I did and she said he has a body
Random Boy 4: God is Jesus' dad

About my baby:
Girl: teacher Courtney when you're baby comes you'll be a mom. Are you sure your dogs want a brother?

Girl: Will you let us see your baby?
Me: When he comes I will bring him for a visit
Girl: K take him out so we can see him

Me: He is a boy. His name will be Mason.
Girl: No lets have a girl and name her Tangled

Girl: A boy!?!?! He can be friends with my brother! (her brother is like 4 months or so)

Boy: (after eating and pushing out his stomach) look I'm having a baby like teacher Courtney.

Girl: I asked for a baby like yours but my dad says boys don't have babies so he can't get me one. so I guess Santa can't either

Girl: My aunt had her baby and was screaming her head off because the head and hips were this big (showing me with her hands) and it took like longer than FORTY minutes

From my little esl kids:
The phrase "I do not like" slurred together to sound like I-do-na-like-a and then combined with random objects:
Nose running: I-do-na-like-a nose
wash hands: I-do-na-like-a soap
Bees by him: I-do-na-like-a bees
Sun shining in eyes: I-do-na-like-a sun

A while ago:
Boy 1: when I grow up I want to be as tall as you teacher Courtney
Me; No you want to be much much taller

Girl 1: When I'm 15 I'll have a boyfriend
Boy 1: When I'm 16 I'm going to drive
Girl 2: When I'm 17 I'm going to have a job
Boy 2: When I'm 18 I'm going to be a dad!
Me: No let's be a little older for that...

Girl: My sister loves Casa Lopez because she loves mexican, well the food not the people.

Girl: when is that girl coming back that has the dots on her face like tangled and red hair like ariel (one of the volunteers has freckles and red hair)

(after dancing) Girl: Teacher Courtney you look like ridiculous

Girl: Teacher Courtney I love you because you are so nice, not like my old teacher Ms ___ she made us listen and learn


Shari said...

Courtney I just read all those to Jessica and Catherine. We all got a good laugh. You are going to miss those kids. :)
Thanks for sharing.

Opal said...

i'm glad you don't make your kids listen or learn. also have you asked your dogs if they want a brother? i bet they don't. lol.

Garrett and Valerie Isham said...

you have THEE COOLEST job ever! how funny are those comments! i'd get my ab workouts in for sure from laughing so hard if i worked with kids all day.

Katie said...

"K, take him out so we can see him."

SO cute! I can't wait to see your little boy! :)

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