Monday, January 30, 2012

Mason's birth story

Oh Mason's here and I wanted to share his grand arrival birth story. Its a long one so read it if you want. Or just look at the pictures..

I went to the hospital to be induced on Saturday January 28th at 6am after being dilated to a 2cm and having contractions every hour for a week. They set me up on pitocin at 7 and i waited to dilate.

We watched the entire two seasons of Modern Family during labor. It wasn't until 2pm that I was dilated to a 4cm so I got my epidural at 3pm. I loved the relief from the epidural! I will always get one!

Then they wanted me to labor down on my own so I waited until around 9pm and then I started pushing.

 I pushed for 2 hours and then needed to rest. The contractions were on the top of my uterus so they were still very painful even with my epidural. I took a nap for an hour or so and then pushed for another 2 hours.

He was getting close but I still hadn't got his head out. Dr. Adkins reccomended that we try the vaccuum. However when you use the vaccuum you can only use it for 3 contractions and if it doesn't work then you have to get a c-section. so as the surgerical team set up for both a c-section and the vaccuum I got him out!

He had his head turned so I was pushing out his head at an angle and thats what took so long. He also had his hand up by his face and his elbow hit a major artery in my birth canal. So as they gave Mason his tests and bath they stiched me up very quickly. I lost a third of my blood in a few short minutes.

But back to when he came out: He had a huge bump on his head because of all the pushing and being stuck but he was still so cute! They put him on me and I freaked out a bit because he was bloody. They were trying to distract me by saying "he has your nose" etc.

Clara cut the embilical cord. The embilical cord was a weird grey, purple color. I didn't look at the plecenta. Couldn't do it.

I was shaking like crazy when he came out from all the adrenaline I was scared to hold him by myself.

 I was too tired to try to nurse so they fed him in the nursery the first night.I was so happy he was finally here.

He got here at 2:51am almost 24 hours later. It was exhausting. It was so much worse than I ever imagined.

On Saturday morning I showed up restful and excited to have a baby... Sunday morning I was exhausted, starving and emotional.

I was so glad to have Travis, Clara, My mom and Jaimie there with me. They all stayed with me through the whole thing. Travis was the best and I couldn't have done it without him. He whispered encouraging things to me the whole time I pushed. I couldnt believe how strong I was and how well I did! I did it!

 I am completely in love with my baby boy. We stayed in the hospital until Tuesday since I lost so much blood. I got well taken care of by my nurses and even got a massage. Room service at the hospital is also delicious!

a few more random things I dont want to forget:
Travis said he will never say anything about me being weak again.
He also said being so sensitive is exhausting
I yelled at Jaimie to show my mom Mason's blanket out of anger from pain
I was so relaxed after my epidural... night and day
The anestiologist was mean and grumpy.
Worst part of the epidural was taking off the tape on my back... I am sure my back is hairless now!
One morning I ordered golden grahams, 3 chocolate milks, 2 cookies and... a half of bannana
I drank my weight in chocolate milk
I couldn't eat food after I got my epidural so I ate 3 jello cups and like 5 popsicles
As I was pushing I told Travis to get out, then threw up... Travis was dry heaving in the hallway
They held Mason upside down to get him to cry and breathe.
They asked Travis agian if he wanted to cut the cord or look at the placenta... he didn't change his mind
I broke my tail bone from all the pushing and it has been the worst part of recovery
Clara did an excellent job holding my leg
I loved my day nurse Lauren the best
My stomach was completely flat after birth.
Mason had the hugest balls after he was born and super long fingernails
Jaimie fanned me and Travis rubbed ice chips on my face when I was super hot and was in a panic because I was burning up.
Ice chips were my best friend
We had so many visitors on Sunday. It made me feel so loved

Mason with Dr. Adkins. Dr Adkins was an excellent doctor. I loved him.
He said he's never had anyone push for 4 hours... he said that was 1968 style
He also said when Mason came out he was going to say "congratulations you had a unicorn" but after such a long labor he decided my sense of humor might not appreciate that. I laughed when he told me though.


Shari said...

After reading your birthing story and your week from hell a C-section sounds pretty good for the next time around doesn't it?

You are strong Courtney and don't you ever forget it. You have had a month of pain and near death experience to bring that sweet boy into the world. I hope he repays you by being the most respectful, loving son ever. He is starting off by being the cutest son ever. Congratulations again and I'm sure glad your doctors were able to take good care of you.
Aunt Shari

Stephanie said...

Sounds really rough, I still can't believe you pushed for four hours! You are strong, now you can never doubt that :). I love doctor Adkins comments, glad to know I will be in the hands of a good doctor with a sense of humor.

Susie said...

I love to read and hear birth stories, thanks for sharing Mason's. You sure had a intense labor that is for sure, but sounds like you were super tough though. So glad he got here safe and sound!!

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Carrie said...

Courtney I am laughing with tears in my eyes. Also because I'm so sad that was so hard for you. Dang you are funny though, and so honest and frank. I hope you heal completely. Not that you even should think about this right now but the next (possibly) one can only be better, right?!