Saturday, February 4, 2012

The worst week ever

I had a great first week with my baby. I was feeling really great and got up and out quite a bit. My house was super clean, I drove Travis to class and made him lunches, I even started doing the "stay at home mom" activities.
Then Monday night/Tuesday morning I woke up covered in blood. When I woke up I thought I peed my pants. Then I stood up and I felt like all my organs dropped out of me. They were blood clots the size of softballs and lots of them. I woke up Travis and we called Jaimie to come watch Mason and went to the ER.
The stitches in my birth canal had been disturbed after the blood clots passed so Dr. Adkins needed to restitch me. The pain shots didn't work and the morphine didn't kick in until after it was over. It was the worst pain of my entire life. I crushed Travis' hand and screamed bloody murder. But he was able to stop the bleeding and after a blood transfusion (I lost half my blood) I was able to go home in the evening.
Wednesday during the day I passed more clots... golf ball sized ones. So Dr. Adkins wanted me to go and get an ultrasound. The results of my ultrasound showed fragments of my placenta left over in the uterus. So they ordered a D and C with Dr. Minudri for the morning.
On Thursday I went in for my D and C. A D and C should last 15 minutes. I was going to be home by noon. They put you under only because its a little inhumane to scrape out a uterus while you're awake. So you're asleep they scrape it out, your uterus contracts and there is no more blood. Well as luck would have it my uterus didn't contract like it was supposed to. So emergency procedure saved my life, they put a balloon in my uterus and put me on pitocin so my uterus was still. It was much longer than 15 minutes and I didn't get to go home at noon
Luckily my Mother in Law (and father in law) came after she heard about the blood clots. She went with me to the D and C while Travis was in class. SO glad they were there. I had to be hospitalized until Saturday. I got another blood transfusion and had to lay flat on my back for 24 hours. I had these leg massager things on to keep blood flow in my legs.
It was very scary and traumatic. Dr Minudri said that he's pretty sure this will happen again next delivery and said that I should get a C-section so that they can be sure to get the uterus clean and also they have better access to stop any more bleeding.
During all of this Jaimie and Nayt helped take care of Mason. I'm so glad he is such a good baby. I'm also glad he takes a bottle and I pump so much milk. I don't know what we would have done without that.
My mom (bless her heart) came on Saturday to take care of me now that I'm out of the hospital. I am so lucky to have her take great care of me and Mason.
I can be positive this was much worse than my labor, which I didn't think could be worse.
I am very proud of myself for how much I can get through. I am much tougher than I ever imagined.
I am so grateful for modern medicine and the power of prayer.
Thank you for everyone that helped and showed concern.
Now I can be home and enjoy being a mommy to my miracle baby.


mrs. olson said...

That is awful!! I'm so sorry! I can't believe all of that happened after we saw you Monday. Let us know if we can do anything for you!

Stephanie said...

How scary! I'm so glad you are okay and they were able to take good care of you. You are the second person I know who was saved by modern medicine due to child birth complications (just in the last 4 months). Definitely thankful for those great doctors!

Susie said...

I feel so bad that you had to experience that, that sounds like it would be scary and painful. So glad to hear all went well though and you had help watching Mason. You were blessed through all this that was for sure!!

Katie said...

How scary! I'm glad you're feeling better.

Erin said...

I'm so glad you are ok Courtney! Really, a planned c section is awesome! You'll love it next time.

Kate Clayton said...

You are one tough cookie. That sounds awful. I am so glad you are all okay.

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Evita said...

What a lovely happy baby you've got. I accidentally happened to see your blog. Nice lay out!